Issue with Buyer on Ebay

I recently sold a anti virus software and sent the package with USPS first class tracking.
as we all know they don’t provide CD anymore with the package instead provide the key in the listing also had format as download.
Right after receiving the product, the buyer raised a return request stating item as defective.
I have been very politely apologized to him and offered my help to resolve the issue.
but it doesn’t look the buyer wants to do anything except return. he stated there is no place to put in the key on the activation site. i offered the link on how to resolve common issues and even provided customer care no for the antivirus company. but the buyer neither telling me about the error they are getting nor want my help.
All they want to get refund as he was expecting a cd in the box.
Now i am not sure what should i do here.
the value is not that much but i want to hear from others how are their experience in dealing such situation.

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This is the problem with ebay…it is usually lose-lose for the seller. Let the buyer return it at his own expense if he is not happy and hope he hasn’t successfully used the activation code. Otherwise, PayPal will resolve the case in favor of the buyer or he’ll do a charge back and you will lose your money plus the item.

Op did you get this software free after rebate? I’d refund if so, not worth the hit to your eBay account.

i will let the buyer to return on their expense but they picked the item as defective. hence ebay is asking me to reimburse for the return shipping as well.

i did. i also think its not worth it. as ebay will definitely take buyer side. and i will loose final value fee as well.

thanks but i am not sure how can i file USPS claim for the item which was delivered correctly by USPS.

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Just cost of doing business. The “best” resolution after helping them to use it was unsuccessful would have been offering them to ship it back and process the return. When they ask for return shipping you should have just paid that too (if you sell more than one thing a year), or in this case with FAR I would have just fully refunded and let them keep it. Most likely they just found it cheaper elsewhere.

What’s insurance have to do at all with the buyer just wanting to return the product? The shipping carrier doesn’t care that paypal or eBay accepted the buyer’s claim of defective. And they wouldn’t cover defects anyways, only damage from transit.

I think the idea is that USPS auto approves small claims based on any paypal dispute when the item is insured. That’s borderline insurance fraud in my book, but hey whatever I’m too happy right now to judge.

thats interesting. never thought about that. does flat rate envelop are insured for $50?
if it does then i don’t see a reason why i shouldn’t ship flat rate.

Why is there so much discussion of insurance?

If I were feeling especially motivated, I might offer to spend 5 minutes with the buyer on the phone to walk him through activation. But, most likely I would just approve the return and (given the low cost of return shipping for an activation code send first class) I’d eat the return shipping too just to be done with it.

What happens when the activation code is already used by the buyer when the seller receives the return?

You just take the loss . That’s the risks of being an eBay seller

so here is the update,
the buyer closed the return request on ebay and opened case with paypal.
i responded to paypal that item was as described and received by the buyer. paypal resolved the case in the buyer’s favor but didn’t charge me either.
sweet surprise from paypal. but i learnt my lesson.

eBay seller protection and paypal seller protection doesn’t cover digital goods. You’re screwed. Same thing happened to me with a game activation key I got free with a video card a couple years ago.

Selling FAR software on ebay is just not worth it.

Illegal too, many times