It's Cyber Monday. What are you buying (or already bought) so far?

For me I see nothing different compared to Black Friday that I haven’t already bought, so nothing.

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I agree. Black Friday online deals are the same, or similar. I bought a GTX 1080 and a GTX 1080Ti for a new build. Should break even on those in about a year, but meanwhile enjoying them for some gaming in between mining. I didn’t buy the 1080Ti for mining, just gaming, but plan to mine with it when I’m not gaming. The 1080 was bought specifically for mining nearly 24/7, even while I game. It was a good deal, and I should break even on it in about two months.

jaytrader, do you have a very fancy computer setup? Can someone with a reasonably modest build buy a graphics card and try to mine?

If these are far too newbie, feel free to ignore. I’m just curious and I think my kids might find the experience interesting and educational.

target m&m chocolates… good deal and also gift card $10 off $100

I’m using - it’s a point and click config, which does everything for you. I was building a gaming rig anyway, and decided to offset my cost via mining when I wasn’t using the computer. The 1080 deal was good, after doing the math on breaking even on it in a couple of months.

Jay, you must have cheap electricity then?

Nah. Nicehash has a profitability calculator. Supposedly, at market price as of last week (BTC), I would be able to net about $69 per month with the 1080Ti and about $57 per month with the 1080. Obviously that has increased due to the recent rise in BTC, but will also decrease over time since it gets harder to mine BTC.

I am paying 22 cents per kWh. My goal was not to make money mining, but to simply offset my cost of the gaming build while I wasn’t using it–which happens to me the majority of the day. And, it’s 28 degrees here, so the additional heat doesn’t hurt in the house.