It's official: FatWallet is DEAD!

This is a sad day. Let’s hope that this site is active enough to be a replacement.



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Now it goes straight to an pages. Sad.

Now redirected to ebates

I’m still able to access the forums… but it looks like it’s hours are numbered as well.


Goodbye Fatwallet.

Looks like now even the forum is redirecting :frowning: :cry:


Never said my good-byes

So sad over this. :frowning:

I went into Ebates and deleted my mailing address (well, I now live at 1st St, Minneapolis, MN) since I had paypal as my payout source.
I’ve deleted my FW bookmark :cry: and replaced my effin’ ebates cashback bookmark with BeFrugal (referral link) that seemed like the best replacement for me.
Otherwise, you can compare cashback sites here:
CashbackMonitor (Comparison)


Its done…

Looks like in show of support is dark too?

I changed my address as well.

Let ebates sell nonexistent junk addresses.


Nope I think they just didn’t pay for enough servers so it’s super slow.


They were but they’re back up again.

Nah, it’s a memorial thing.

eBate still owns me some $ but I see no way to get it electronically. They want your home address to mail a check. Am I missing something?

I want to cash out then delete any association with it.

Not missing anything. eBates has always worked on a check basis IIRC.

Ebates has always been paypal for me. Go to “big fat check settings” under “account settings” and select Paypal.