July is National Bank Account Bonus Month

While this could be a hot deal, Doctor Of Credit is a great go to for bank account bonuses, of which July is a made up NBABM.

Between the wife and I, we’ve opened 8 new bank accounts this week (2 targeted and 2 others still pending) that should net $1,800 and we still left a lot on the table. I wanted to share the love with the FD crew if anyone wasn’t aware. Most of this year has been fairly quiet with deposit bonuses but the deals have certainly taken off in the last two weeks.


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I normally hate “national XYZ month” especially when it is made up like this one, but I have been seriously slacking on my bank account sign ups this year. I went so hard at it last year that I really needed a break. This is a good impetus for me to get back into it.

I’m attempting a few that are Chex sensitive first, unsure if my 6 month break is enough to get in on those. Then I’ll be hitting BB&T, Union, Discover, and Chase.

The one thing I do need I will ask for here. Does anyone on here currently have a Bento for Business account open? I need a referral link for that and I’d rather the referral bonus go to someone on here than a random person on the internet.


I totally hear you on getting burnt out on bank bonuses. I’m currently funding my 8 new checking accounts all the while moving my hub from Chase to Ally. That hub move alone is a huge ordeal, changing auto pay, direct deposit, credit card payments, etc. I think I’m slightly sadist in my timing of it all :grin:

I reached the max 20 linked checking accounts that Ally allows and they’ve cancelled a few of my wife’s transfers/links because I need to create and add them to her profile instead. Thank goodness for OCD when it comes to documenting all this stuff (I’m sure most on FW/FD and Travel Hackers on this site can attest).

Alliant to the rescue as my backup hub (they honestly would have been my first hub choice for 1 day ACH, but I have special circumstances that prevent me from using them as my primary hub).

/End rant. I’ll be happy when the $1,800 bonuses post and I can take advantage of the new Chase signup bonuses in 90 days after closing my account, hopefully before end of December if their deal is still active. I’ve been using Chase for over a decade as my primary hub due to convenience and locality reasons but I decided finally I’d rather close my account to take advantage of their checking/savings signup bonuses.

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The one nice thing about Ally that I overlooked with Chase is that I can instantly park some of those funds in their 1.75% savings account while I’m waiting for the transitions to be set up.

Even better . . .

1.80%, actually.

How do you find the bill pay at Ally? Despite Chase’s website redesign and my moving out of their region, I still use them as my hub because of convenience and familiarity. Since their local staff is now out of the picture, their slow ACH seems even more of an issue.

In direct answer to your question, I see no reason not to switch if locality is not a reason for staying.

I have actually only made one bill pay with Ally so far upon migrating. I always find a new system clunky until I become familiar with it. You may agree, Chase’s last web design update actually made me want to leave them completely but once I became familiar, it is no issue now and second nature, just like any other bank really.

I’ve researched the bill pay and ACH times are comparable to Chase so why not finally make the move to get $600+ easy signup money annually for the switch (me and wife)? I’ll let you know if I find any other major issues.

My MS stop MO deposits were honestly my biggest hold back because there are convenient Chase banks on my route for deposits but it’s really just about changing your usual pattern. It’s not always bad to make a change. My only issues so far with Ally are 24 hour external bank transfer lockups due to them denying bank accounts in Wife’s name, but we’ve worked through that now, realizing I had to create a separate profile for her to add them to.

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Thanks. I still don’t like Chase’s bill pay system after their 2016 re-design. I’ve gotten more used to it, but still find it slow and less than useful. Because we were in the middle of a long distance move and house hunting, I didn’t want to add changing bank hubs. Every week, though, I was reminded of it’s impracticality and couldn’t let it go. :frowning:

I was going to try Discover checking (their level of service has been excellent), but then acquired their miles card. So Ally, here I come. Thanks again.

In addition to Ally, you might take a good long consideration for Alliant. Their ACH times are 1 to 2 days depending on your cut off request time, which makes a noticeable difference compared to Chase and Ally. Their savings account interest rates are reliably great too, but I’m sure you’ve seen and read the Alliant CU thread here on FD.