KD tonight? - Yes or No

The Air Canada Centre will be rockin’ tonight as Canadians from Cape Spear to Boundary Peak 187 anticipate and contemplate an NBA championship. Fly in the ointment for them could be first time appearance on the hardwood since early May of KD.

Can Kevin Durant quash the dreams of thirty million Canadians and take the series back to CA? Will KD even play?

Your predictions are encouraged and welcome. My own take:

I believe he will appear in the game but be unable to compete at his customary high level. And I think, all across Canada, the Molsons will flow tonight like Niagara Falls.

Incidentally, I have stood at Cape Spear. It’s a very, very cool place. Boundary Peak 187? Never been there. Never will be. Too far away. Too remote for me.

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