Kraft-cream-cheese-shortage-christmas deal

Website link?

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I know it was not your intent, but those Floridians love their clickbait.

Yes here’s how it works…

I’m probably speaking to early, because I haven’t checked my grocery store yet. I imagine that the refrigerator store shelves will still have a supply of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

If I’m wrong :expressionless: and the shelves are empty, my Christmas family will shed tears of sorrow. Why, …because my Cream Cheese Pie is the treasure of the holiday.

And old family recipe that was handed down to me from my mother many years ago. It’s tattered and torn but I pull it out every special occasion.

So this article is just another annoying attempt at trying to get our attention and our email address, IMO. :slight_smile:

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The skeptic in me wonders if they just have warehouses full of cream cheese, and this is the best way to turn $360k into a spike in demand.

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From the article:

Last year, with more people baking and eating at home, demand for cream cheese jumped about 18% compared to 2019. It’s stayed at that high level in 2021 , according to Kraft. Meanwhile, restaurants are also ordering more of the product.

Who knew? :wink:

I won’t believe there’s a shortage of cream cheese until there’s also a bagel shortage. :smile: