Kyvol Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer - $67 with free shipping - See warning


You need a degree in computer engineering to set up and operate this thing! :rofl:

This fryer has too much going on for me to detail. You can read about it here if you like:

Link to Wi-Fi air fryer deal


I do understand and like the window. But how much trouble would it be to keep it clean?

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I dont understand - this thing’s entire purpose for existing is literally to blow hot air. That is all. What is there for it to be “smart” about? I know you are just reporting the deal (and I do appreciate your posts like this, even if I’m not interested in most of the items), but why would anyone ever feel the need to have their air fryer connected to wifi? No matter how smart or stupid it may be, such a device should never be used unattended regardless.

I almost want to buy one to use as a gag gift, just to confuse the hell out of the recipient… :wink:


You sound like an old fogy!! And being an old fogy myself I’m enjoying the company!! Welcome to the club!!

Seriously I have no clue why younger people harbor most of their preferences. You just have to accept it, roll with the punches, move on, and respect ability to start your air fryer while you’re still at the office. :rofl: :rofl:

All of that said, Wi-Fi connected air fryers are expensive. This is by far the least expensive one I was able to find.

And, yes, there ARE other Wi-Fi connected air fryers out there.

Somebody must be buying them!! :grinning:


I hate to think about what you are leaving sitting in the fryer all day, before you finally turn it on when you are leaving the office that evening.