LED Desk Lamp With USB Charging Port - 10 bucks - Walmart

But no free shipping unless you spend a total of 35 dollars. Otherwise shipping for this comes to six bucks. Still a decent deal since these things are difficult to find for only $10.



TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp With USB Charging Port, 4 Lighting Modes with 5 Brightness Levels, 1H Timer, Touch Control, Memory Function, 14W,


Link to Desk Lamp deal

Reviews are quite favorable.

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I’m convinced that we see a bargain here.

I have a similar desk lamp, certainly cost more than $10. Picked mine up a few years ago at Lowe’s.


This is indeed a deal. I bought this exact lamp on amazon (different name printed on it, but same exact chinese lamp) back in 2017 for $15.81 and I’ve been happy with it. It now sells for $30 on amazon.


Well, I bought one. But not for sixteen dollars! I liked this lamp at ten dollars and I had other items I needed from Walmart to bring me up to the $35 level. So got free shipping for those other items and for this lamp.

Hope it works out. We shall see.

The thought struck me, this being LED, it might work as a source of illumination in an emergency. Course so would any conventional LED lamp. But I’m thinking a battery, an inverter, plug 'er in, and you’ve got light with good flexibility and portability . . . . together with built-in dimability to save power.

Anyway and regardless, for ten bucks thought this worth a try.


My desk lamp showed up. The “I have one” posters here were right. This is one heckuva desk lamp for ten bucks. I like mine a lot.

It’s even better than that. To my surprise this desk lamp operates on 12 VDC. So you do not need an inverter. This thing will be just fine, with the proper adapter cord, operating straightaway off a common 12V storage battery. And I doubt the current draw would amount to very much, particularly when the lamp is dimmed.

Also, in a pinch, this lamp offers 12 VDC to 5 VDC conversion via the USB port.

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Is it UL listed?

No UL or CSA. Only CE.

I suppose if the wall wart failed you could end up with 120 VAC on the lamp. But the entire thing is nonconducting plastic.

I have used a great many wall warts in my time, of all styles, shapes, varieties, and voltages. Never had one fail in that manner. And absent such a failure, this entire lamp is a low voltage, non lethal, situation.


Y’alls comments prompted me to order one.

Of course, I added some filler to reach $35, all stuff I dont really want and would just grab them as-needed at the store when I’m there, but $35 is needed to get free shipping for the lamp. And they did it yet again - since the filler items I didnt want are available locally, they are paying someone to shop them and deliver them to my front door. And the lamp is still being shipped from the warehouse all by itself.

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