Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Was this in response to a complaint / query, or did it happen automatically?

Of coz.the former :smile:

Thanks. Will have to follow up on these at some point.

Priceline card customer service is such a joke. I have 4 express deal purchases in last month. 3 of them got adjusted and 1 got denied. When I chatted online with a CSR about the denied one. She said:

Thank you for patiently waiting. Upon review, it shows that the case is regarding on the points that should be applied on purchases made on the account and it is already closed. Please note that purchases must be submitted by merchants using the merchant category codes for purchases in the specified categories to qualify for Extra points. It appears that the merchant were not able to accomplished it and we really sorry but Barclays is not responsible for incorrectly coded purchases made by the merchant.

This is Priceline.com. This card is a Priceline credit card. and, i have 3 other reward cases with exactly the same purchase, from the same hotel, got resolved with missing points credited.

In that case, we highly advised to reach out to our partner for further assistance. Allow me to provide you the contact number of them, one moment please.

WTH are you talking about? this is about priceline credit card reward points. and you told me to contact priceline the merchant? do you have any common sense


Seems like, for all intents and purposes, the card is dead for Priceline purchases.

Still no correction here. Haven’t bothered to bug them about it yet.

Looks like this legacy card is officially dead for express deal purchases.

I had a very helpful manager called me back. She said she had an IT ticket and asked several “back office” people about the 2X points from priceline purchases. All the answers were firmly: “they were correct”. I did push back and mention potential class action lawsuits for violating ToS.

She did give me one-time adjustment for my points. But I guess that’s it - one time and only.


Yeah, I’ve moved on to greener pastures. The card’s last remaining niche is the 33% discount on points needed to redeem against airline charges. That said, I dislike using this card for that purpose because I have other cards like the AMEX Plat and CSP that provide benefits like trip delay protection.

The one thing I do like about the card is that it has chip and pin support for European travel for things like unattended kiosks. However, with contactless transactions abroad becoming ubiquitous, this is becoming much less important. On a two week trip to Australia last month, I think we used the chip once - at a hotel checkin, and that’s only because the clerk chose to insert the chip rather than tap. Otherwise every single transaction was contactless.

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[quote=“tomprc, post:248, topic:558”]
I had a very helpful manager called me back. She said she had an IT ticket and asked several “back office” people about the 2X points from priceline purchases. All the answers were firmly: “they were correct”.[/quote]

Thanks for the report. Did she explain?

I have screenshots confirming that I was told “5x points” when using this legacy card for express deals.

She tried but can’t really explain. I have all the facts. I have the historical transactions showing 5X automatically for express deals. So it’s just all corporate nonsense out of her hands.

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what’re you guys’ replacement cards? No brainer, flat 2%, wife-proof cards?

If wife-proof is a hard requirement - Citi Double Cash, Alliant Visa Signature, Fidelity Visa, and the BoA Premium Rewards Visa are four solid options. The BoA and Alliant cards have minimum balance requirements attached to them, BoA being 100k on account with them, with Alliant’s being 1k in their 0.25% checking account.

I don’t like BoA as an issuer for several reasons, but if you do… it’s not a bad option.

Personally I think a Chase or AMEX setup is more profitable in the long run if you travel, but that requires juggling multiple cards and knowing when to charge a given purchase on which card. My wife has a higher tolerance for this, although she loves to drop this complaint on me amongst friends. Funny how this wasn’t an issue when we were sitting in our opera house view room at the Park Hyatt Sydney or in business class on our flight out to Australia…


I was banned by Alliant CU. Already have Fidelity VISAs.

But are these cards good? Seems like they are only at 2% max. Priceline card has gone much worse than before, along with its terrible customer service. But it is still more than 2% to me.

Well you asked for 2% cards :joy:.

Some other alternatives:

  • If you don’t mind applying once a year, you can get a Discover It Miles card. They match your 1.5% back for the first year so you essentially get 3% back: Travel Credit Card | Discover it Miles Credit Card. You can churn this card every year to keep the 3% back.
  • You can go with a Chase setup - I’d recommend CSP/Freedom Flex and perhaps throw in an Ink card if you have a “business”. Otherwise add the Freedom Unlimited. I value UR points at about 2.25cpp with most Hyatt redemptions, so that makes the 1.5URs you get with the Freedom Unlimited worth 3.375cpp. About as good as the Priceline card. Just be careful with application velocity with Chase and wait for good bonuses (the CSP bonus gets pretty high, it’s a dismal 60k at the moment).
  • AMEX setups require annual fees but if you can make use of their “coupons”, they can be good options. I won’t go into the details on this.

Right now my primary setup is a CSP for general travel, dining, streaming, and “online grocery” (Kroger Pay in store counts as online), a Freedom card for the 5x rotator, and a World of Hyatt card for catch-all spend.

I know, that last card is a bit of an oddball since the 1.5 points per dollar on CFU beats the 1 on the WoH card… but those two sweet elite nights per $5k in spend have allowed us to earn a bunch of milestone rewards which have paid that difference back. Things like a free cat 1-4 award at 30 nights, suite awards at 50 nights, a cat 1-7 certificate at 60 nights… we do a lot of Hyatt stays and we have a weak spot for nicer rooms, so it pays for us. Paypal Bill Pay has helped a lot with the spend on this card.

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This is interesting. That’s better than jumping through hoops with Bank of America. Are there any limitations on what you can redeem the Discover Miles for?

Yes, sort of. If you sign up today, you can only redeem them for:

  1. a statement credit on travel related charges (fuel, rental cars, airfare, etc.)
  2. a cash deposit into a Fidelity linked account - CM, IRA, and possibly HSA.

Yeah, that’s not a limitation of the Discover Miles card… :wink:

You can redeem them against specific purchases, as a statement credit, as a cash deposit to any linked bank account (basically one you’ve pulled payments from recently), or for non-cash redemptions I cant remember off the top of my head.

Oops! :upside_down_face:

Cross-scripting fail!

You get the same 3% rate when redeeming into a bank account?

A penny per point, yes.