Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Was this in response to a complaint / query, or did it happen automatically?

Of coz.the former :smile:

Thanks. Will have to follow up on these at some point.

Priceline card customer service is such a joke. I have 4 express deal purchases in last month. 3 of them got adjusted and 1 got denied. When I chatted online with a CSR about the denied one. She said:

Thank you for patiently waiting. Upon review, it shows that the case is regarding on the points that should be applied on purchases made on the account and it is already closed. Please note that purchases must be submitted by merchants using the merchant category codes for purchases in the specified categories to qualify for Extra points. It appears that the merchant were not able to accomplished it and we really sorry but Barclays is not responsible for incorrectly coded purchases made by the merchant.

This is Priceline.com. This card is a Priceline credit card. and, i have 3 other reward cases with exactly the same purchase, from the same hotel, got resolved with missing points credited.

In that case, we highly advised to reach out to our partner for further assistance. Allow me to provide you the contact number of them, one moment please.

WTH are you talking about? this is about priceline credit card reward points. and you told me to contact priceline the merchant? do you have any common sense


Seems like, for all intents and purposes, the card is dead for Priceline purchases.

Still no correction here. Haven’t bothered to bug them about it yet.