Legacy Priceline Visa Discussion - 2% cash back on all purchases

Agreed. But in my view, the biggest problem of this card is their dispute dept. I had bad experience with them, too.

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Bingo, I 100% agree with this. It is why I switched to Chase as my primary setup - in some ways I am thankful since it opened me up to World of Hyatt redemptions. At least in the mid-2020 timeframe, Barclays was mandating US mail or fax for any disputes rather than through their website.

Both Chase and AMEX haven’t given me any problems since.

That’s very interesting. Haven’t had to file a dispute, but I’ll keep that in mind and not use the card with potentially shady vendors.

Back to my issue mentioned above, I decided to email the “Office of the President” at bcusofficeofthepresident@barclaycardus.com.

The results were positive, albeit strange. My phone number is primary on the account, my wife’s is the alternate. They always called her for some reason and never me. They did offer to look into it and eventually credited my account correctly and pulled the points at the higher 1.5 value. They promised to look into why things weren’t coding correctly from Priceline. I called back several times to the number they gave me, but it always goes to voicemail. I never actually talked to a human, just back and forth voicemails.

I have had success with direct airline purchases redeeming at 1.5 recently. Although the portal used to mark these with something like “best value,” it doesn’t anymore, but the redemption values show up correctly.

The process was a royal pain, but they did come through via the email above.

Count me as the latest victim of not getting 5% on Priceline purchases.

The following charge ended up getting 2x. I mean… Priceline is in the merchant name for goodness sake:

    FINDHTL 21619783320
    NORWALK CT 06854
    Thu Oct 20 2022
    Fri Oct 21 2022

I agree with the sentiment here. I have worried for years that this card would get shut down or nerfed. Now I find it is in my sockdrawer while I moved on to a variety of other cards. Is there a path to cash out the pile of points I have using a refundable hotel booking?

Any one redeemed points for travel lately? I redeemed for flights in October and received the 1.5 times points and the 10 percent redemption bonus. However just two days ago, I saw a Reddit post that Barclays had done away with the 1.5 time redemption and the 10 percent back. Can anyone confirm?

yes i redeemed yesterday. 50% off points and 10% bonus for my united.com direct purchase. However, the purchase only made 2X points.

I show the 1.5x redemption alive and well in my rewards center. Phil80, do you have a link to that reddit post, please?

That’s good hear that is seems to still be 1.5 on travel.

Here is the link.

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Thank you! Just responded (I’m polphi).

My latest priceline express deal hotel purchase did not get 5X points. But when I redeemed it, I got 33% off.

CSR is clueless: “Hello Good evening, when I check on the purchase it has been categorize as Travel Agencies, the reason the points earned is 2x on every dollar, may I confirm on where did you process the purchase?”

I had the exact same experience two weeks ago–express deals posted at 2%, not 5%. Haven’t tried contacting PL about it yet.

Hi, I’m new to this forum. I’m posting because I’m grandfathered in to this legacy Priceline card and have a question about requesting a credit limit increase. Like many of you, I love this card and don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my grandfathered perks. Does anybody know if requesting a credit limit increase through the barclaycard website (when logged in to my account) will trigger a loss of the grandfathered perks? If I risk losing those, I’ll leave it alone. But my son is starting college in the fall and I’m hoping to pay tuition expenses with the PL card, so I’d like to request an increase. Thanks!

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Not sure there are any data points on this. If I had to guess - I would say you’d be able to keep the old card’s terms. However this is Barclays we’re dealing with, and the only consistent thing about them is that they’re unpredictable with things like this.

I think there is some risk, but it is probably low. There is a thread on Flyertalk on this card that you might be able to check and see if anyone has a data point on this.

I’ll also add - don’t trust the Barclays CSRs. They do not have the best reputation for accuracy and will often say things you want to hear to get you off the phone.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out Flyertalk, too.

I’ve moved my credit line around a bunch of times, hasn’t changed anything as far as i know.

Additional datapoint, redeemed some points for an Hawaiian Airlines flight today.

Got the 33% discount and 10% redemption bonus. (Even showed the top pick button)



I would not worry about this at all. CLI and product trade departments are entirely different. Not quite the same, but I just CLI’d via reallocation–never a question that it would not change the underlying product in any way other than the line increase.

Update: receive a snail mail from Priceline stating my missing points will be posted on my next statement.

I purchased another express deal. And it’s still 2x points :pensive: