Let an unused credit card close?

I got this message from Capital One,

It looks like you haven’t used your account ending in 2767 in over 1 year, so it’s scheduled to close on May 7, 2023 , due to inactivity. If you want to keep your account open, just use your card before May 7, 2023 , and it’ll stay active.

I got this Quicksilver card that gives 1.5% cash back a while ago, but stopped using it when I got their 2% card a few years ago. Any reason to keep it open?

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It puts another “paid as agreed” mark on your credit history every month. And a closed account will eventually fall off your credit report, losing the benefit of past paid marks and the contribution to average age.

Unless you have a rather sparse credit history, it’s likely to not have a material effect. But there is will be an effect.


About the only times I’ve used it was when my main card gets hacked and for the few days until a new one arrives. Guess I should keep it.

Here’s one:

Last I checked they did not have a 2% card without an annual fee. I have the Venture X too, but I fully expect the AF to be increased to $500-$550 within 2 years, at which point I may not keep it.

Capital One Spark card with 2% back has no annual fee.

Are you sure? I’m pretty sure all the 2% and 2x cards have always had an annual fee and the ones without the it are 1.5% or less.


These are the ones available now, but I had a Spark Cash with 2% in 2016 and it was $59 AF waived first year.

I have the first one and pay no annual fee. Maybe they grandfathered in the no fee indefinitely to existing card holders.