LG 75 inch TV from Best Buy for $650 with FS

Why settle for a small screen TV experience?

See all details, and there are a LOT of details, here

Reviews so far are decent.

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Wow!! One problem I see, where is there space in a room for this to fit? Up on the wall. Good Deal!!

I watched a movie last night, 1917. Really good, but on a 75" screen it would have been terrific.

I take your point, pattyb53. A disadvantage (to me) of this TV is the two-legged support approach. I have two flat screen TVs, both of course MUCH smaller than this 75 inch monster. However:

Both of my flat screen TVs have a single center located support. This avoids need for a very wide base of support if you choose not to mount on the wall. And I happen to prefer avoiding wall mounting.

Unrelated to the above:

Honey is telling me this price is down $200 from what it was running four days ago.

Is there a bee in your ̶b̶o̶n̶n̶e̶t̶ suspenders? Congrats! Is it one of those city-slicker refugees? A widow with an affinity for paper cd certs? Do tell. :sunglasses:

ETA: Earlier this year, I purchased a Sony 900f/g/h something or other. I waited about 2 years for this product to be reachable (by me, at a dealer I was comfortable with) at less than $1k. The wait was worth it, for me.

Info that may be relevant: My main (only) tv environment is above average in brightness, slightly wider than deep, and has external audio.

If you’re in the market for a large TV and money is tight, consider this alternative:

75" TV for $500

Reviews are OK. Shipping, at $20, is not free. Pickup is probably free, but you would need to locate one nearby to where you live.

Willing to go only slightly smaller?

Walmart has you covered, and at a nice saving.

For just $448 Walmart will deliver a 70" TV to your home for free.

Here is the Walmart 70" TV deal with FS

Reviews on this one are mostly good, but with some bad.