Lifelock...Is it better? Sharing personal experience

First off, I normally would not pay for such services, I am DIY and I don’t think they do any better.

This said, I am a lifelock member for at least a year while I make a legal argument and claim. I am presently a premium/ultimate top tier member.

I have all my credit files frozen (big 3) and the other lesser knowns ChekSystems, NCTUE, and Innovis.

With this background. I applied for a new Citibank Checking and Saving Account (with a bonus of course).

The next day, Lifelock notified they had been informed of a new account application and the source was Citibank!

I logged in and none of my credit files (big 3) indicated they had been updated.

No one can perform a hard inquiry without my unfreeze. I did not unfreeze.

So…does lifelock really get information from Citibank directly? Jury is out, but I am certainly going to investigate this further. Any comments from anyone?


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Did you check with ChekSystems? Also, if you have an existing relationship with Citibank, they can query your credit report regardless of the freeze.

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They got the inquiry from ChexSys.

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I do not have an existing account with Citibank. In Oct 2016 would have been my last interaction with a new account. ChexSystems freeze is also in place.

If this is the case they were able to unfreeze or ChexSystems freeze is broken.

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Sound like you should check with ChekSystems to see what, if any, inquiry was made. Remember we are just assuming at the moment. It is possible that they were doing a soft inquiry, or steps to establish that you were who you say you were, as they must do. Since there was no application for new credit involved, that wouldn’t have been a hard pull.

Side story: I applied for a CD (with Andrews, for those following that thread) and all my credit bureaus are frozen. Nevertheless, they were able to pull enough information (from some source) to ask me the name of the street my apartment complex was on in 1977 where I only lived a few months.

I just ordered a ChexSystems report. Thanks for the reply.

When I applied I did go thru the typical multiple choice personal verification questions. I wonder who provides these and if they have any options on freezing.

You could ask Citi, but don’t expect them to know the answer.

You didn’t mention freezing ARS, IDA, and LexisNexis. See my post here.

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Here is my guess…

Putting a freeze on your ChexSystems report just means that when a bank tries to inquire about your Chex report, they get nothing back. There are lots of banks that aren’t Chex sensitive, meaning they don’t care what is on your Chex report when you ask to open an account. This may be the case with Citibank. I don’t know if having your Chex report frozen will stop them from REPORTING the new account you opened and that account showing up on your report. I think that may be different than an INQUIRY.

This is just a guess. Someone please correct me if I am way off base.


Lifelock says they cannot disclose what the source of the alert was claiming it would expose internal business agreements and procedures.

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Citi pulls from Early Warning as well as ChexSystems. You can get both reports for free.


Thank you for such a helpful post. It is much appreciated.

Everything can be done online. Here is where you need to go to “get 'er done”:

Go here to obtain free Early Warning report


It was chexSystems. It was an inquiry on my ChexSystems report. Now my question. My Chex Systems was frozen at the time of the inquiry. Should that inquiry show on my report? It was an application for a checking account.

Did you freeze your ChexSystems report, or did Life Lock do it for you? If Life Lock was supposed to do it for you, yet you still ended up with an inquiry on the report, it sounds like you have a legit beef with Life Lock.

It’s also possible to just call without having to fill out the form.

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Turns out Citi pulls both Early Warning and ChexSystems. Sounds like you only froze Chex.