Lifetime fitness deals?

Ready to go back to gym now and looking for Lifetime fitness deals

It’s pricey and they don’t offer veterans discounts (just active) Any other deals that SD can recommend? No contracts are great.

Monthly Dues
Primary Member $119.00
+1 Member Age 14+ $60.00
+2 Juniors Age 13 and Under
Due at the beginning of each month $ 239. 00

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Also look into Tivity Health’s nationwide network of gyms. It’s ~$30/mo if you get it through Blue Cross insurance. There is also something similar sold through Costco, although they had no locations local to me. Ultimately, I would decide based on the quality of the local gyms offered.


Lietime is not part of tivity :frowning:


Hoping someone here or on SD has that type of network price deal or maybe a memorial day special

Speaking of quality our location lifetime’s a spa 3 floors 55 MM facility. Great family gym, but the price shows. Mainly looking for a deal there

I did see a further away location offer a deal but they have a stipulation that reciprocity only works for higher priced. I wonder if that’s enforced at front desk.

If you’re a USAA member you can enroll in Active & Fit Direct for $25 a month to use any of thousands of gyms (Lifetime Fitness is not included but Planet and LA Fitness and many others are). You can change gyms anytime. Most gyms offer a one day free pass to try it out.


My apologies. I wasn’t suggesting it was. Just an alternative.

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Thank you for this. It’s ~$5/month cheaper than Tivity and has the same locations more or less. Plus, access to usaa is forever but health insurance plans come and go. Tivity is awfully weak in expensive urban areas as well. I’m not going down to Daly City when in SF to workout.

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no apologies necessary. It made me look for other “networks” I’m part of. None have lifetime and I don’t think any will.

Looks like I’ll have to make my own discount and put my 14 y.o as a 13 to get kids rate :wink:

One thing that may work - Check other geographic areas. I started looking at gyms a few years ago … for the first time since college. Although Silver Sneakers was an option, I wanted to check out everything that was available. A very nice Lifetime near me was recommended, but their rates seemed high. A Lifetime in a southern suburb (in SC) had much lower rates. Even their reciprocity rates were lower than the base rate in Charlotte. I ended up going for a much cheaper gym ($10/mo), but I don’t need hydro-massage, spin-in, spin-out, or spin-the-hokey-pokey and other features.

If you’re looking for a better ROI, maybe check out properties with some acreage. Give each kid an acre, half-acre, etc. Ask them to develop it, farm it, make it pay for itself, or anything you want. This will not only be a wonderful, educational exercise for your kids, but will also allow/force you to spend QUALITY time with your kids. One of the the side benefits is that none of you will need a gym, Jovi classes, or Slimfast spinners. One other side benefit is the value of the land will probably increase - if not from the improvements of your family, then from time.

Please don’t take the above alternative as a slight, because that’s not the intention. Looking back, one of my few semi-regrets in life is devoting so much time to financial security/independence while my kids were growing up. It’s wonderful now, and I can spend unlimited time with my adult kids, grandkids and almost great-grandkid, but it’s not the same. I’m very fortunate that my wife did an amazing job with our kids, and they’re self-sufficient, but still …

ETA: I’ve been told that once becoming a nonagenarian, you won’t need a gym, because in addition to your regular work, you’ll get most of your exercise shaking your head in disbelief. :smile:

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funny that we’re also looking at vacation homes as well for a similar “quality time” reason. One of the side effects of the pandemic, confronting mortality and WFH etc

I will look into reciprocity further

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To upgrade your access to include the following clubs visit the front desk at Palm Valley after your online purchase,

I’ll call to check what the savings will be going the reciprocity route. Fees are much cheaper!

Monthly Dues
Primary Member $79.00
+1 Member Age 14+ $50.00
+2 Juniors Age 13 and Under 30.00 Due at the beginning of each month 159. 00(plus tax)$159.00 (plus tax)

Joining Fees $49.00

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On a similar note, if you travel and like museums, a lot of them have reciprocal admission for members, and the play is to use your cheap hometown one to gain access to more expensive big city ones. It’s also tax-deductible too.


Yes I use reciprocity all time with science centers etc. (even used a groupon to lower that price :wink: )

Lifetime says one would have to pay the difference to access more expensive so no loophole