Limited Edition GUND Holiday 2017 Teddy Bear w/ Amazon GC purchase!

Currently available with $100 GC. Typically this goes pretty quickly every year with the minimum GC increasing over time.


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**Exclusively for Prime members

Wives and kids love the bear! Good deal.

Boo Can’t buy with Amazon Credits. Basically giving up all discounts on Amazon GC in exchange for the bear.

what’re the best discounts on Amazon GCs? (not resale)

I’m averaging between 8 and 12% through different deals.

I just use my Amazon CC. 5% back. When i had more time and when manufactured spending was easier I would go the gc to gc route. Example, would get staples gc for 10% off or more pretty regularly and turn them into Amazon.

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Just got mine. it is nicely made stuffed animal.

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Yes, now the minimum gift card purchase to get the bear is $150.