Link2Home 25' Storage Reel - Twenty bucks plus shipping


Time limited deal. Significant discount. Pickup is free and you get it for $20. Shipping costs a little over six bucks. Sixteen gauge wire should be good for 10 amps total.

Nice item. Several desirable features.


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Alternatives at Amazon (free shipping with prime):

Save $5 by going 5 feet shorter:

Same price, 5 feet shorter, but adds 2 usb ports (2.1a fast charge)

And here I was thinking that 25ft was already pushing the lower limit of being useful…


At 20 and 25 feet, they are definitely more geared to indoor usage. I have 1 outlet in my garage, so when I want to work with stuff in the middle of the garage, 20-25 feet would be enough. But if I want to do something in my driveway, I definitely need 50 feet.

The rewind ‘handle’ on both models looks like it’s going to be a pain to use.

Project Farm just did some extensive testing on extension cords: Best Extension Cord? Flexzilla, US Wire, Yellow Jacket, Southwire, Husky, Woods, Bergen Industries - YouTube

If you want to buy a new tool… it’s worth spending the time and watching his tests.

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Regardless of what brand you get, think of the weight of it at the end of day. Well insulated 12/3 starts getting noticable after 25’ … at least for older folks … which I will be some day. :slight_smile:

The same is true of water hose after 50’.