Liquidating Amazon credit?

I recently got a hold of $1000 in Amazon credit for 20% off – someone had a ton of rewards points to redeem and I paid them in cash in exchange for Amazon credit.

It’ll probably take me a year to liquidate this with my usual household purchasing, but I’d rather get rid of it sooner than that. They have all been applied to my account already, so I can’t simply resell the cards.

The biggest thing for me will be to buy a bunch of random gift cards like Netflix and Lowes. I think those would be the fastest ways to liquidate as long as I sell to family/friends that won’t chargeback :slightly_smiling_face:

Any thoughts? I honestly didn’t think I’d have this “problem” before as my annual spend on Amazon used to be ~5k, but I’ve found myself needing less stuff recently (which is good!).

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This is the way I’d go with it. It won’t take long if you keep an eye on the usual places that announce sales of GC on Amazon Goldbox.

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You can look for items that you can list on ebay and drop-ship from Amazon, though there is some risk if you get a bad buyer.

Thought about this, but it’s too risky. I’ll definitely end up spending the cash at some point this year, just don’t like it in the back of my mind.

I have some home projects to do so getting 20% off Lowes will help quite a bit.

Amazon sells some grocery store Physical GC, 20% off groceries or Grocery store gas is not bad.

Amazon usually doesn’t allow gift cards to be purchased with Amazon gift card balance.

As long as it’s not Visa or Amazon they don’t care. I bought some Safeway, Lowe’s and Netflix already.


I haven’t done so myself yet, but you can use Google Play credits (amazon sells egift cards) to pay for Youtube TV.