Lowest price so far for Amazon's Echo Show $150

Glad I didn’t pull the trigger earlier. Picking up two, one for my parents and one for my brother.


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Awesome price OP.

Fire sale by Amazon, possibly due to the youtube issue. I’m sure it’ll get sorted out but in the meantime we get cheap hardware (see the $5 google home mini as another example).

There’s also an offer if you scroll down a bit to add on a smart plug for an additional $5.

It should say “Special holiday offer! For a limited time, purchase select Amazon Echo devices and get a TP-Link HS100 smart plug for only $5. Discount will only be applied at checkout. Restrictions apply.”

I couldn’t get it to work though, only brought it down to $20. Decided to just get the Show.

I wouldn’t even consider buying one of these until they put youtube back on it. Considering dumping my Fire Sticks and going with Roku’s since youtube is being discontinued.

I regret buying a fire tv and not returning in return window. Not worth the $45 I paid. HDR won’t even work with it (in a compatible format for my display).

Plus the YouTube issue. Worthless. I don’t want 5 dongles hooked up to my receiver for 5 streaming services, even if they didn’t all take separate power supplies and get unreasonably hot.

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I have two fire sticks (both different generations) and the longest I’ve made it through a program on Hulu before the whole stick crashes and restarts is 15 minutes.

They emailed asking for a review. 1 star. I think last I looked 17% of reviews were 1 star. Still shows up as ~3.5 since you can’t give 0 stars.

I believe YouTube is available through their devices now although not as an application. I know they had blocked everything before. That being said, I’m just getting it as gifts for family because I know my parents will love the video calling feature.

Jan 1 YouTube blocked in browser on the Amazon devices. (Arguably valid) retaliation by Google for Amazon refusing to allow Amazon video access on Chromecasts/etc.
Sure, you could conceivably sideload/proxies/some painful workarounds to make it not detected as a fire device.

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Sorry, where is this please? :slight_smile:

At walmart :smile:

$130 at Target with $20 off $100 offer that’s available today.

I was going to post that even before this deal but it’s OOS everywhere and not available online. Punched in a whole bunch of zip codes for kicks and the only one I found so far was in Rocky Mount, NC