Loyal 3 tax forms/ info?

Contacted folio1st and they said to contact IRS???

What typically happens with brokers that have closed??

The broker has a responsibility to provide you a tax form as well as to send it to the IRS, but I don’t know if you might only get offered it electronically (and now it’s too late). Here was the old FWF discussion.


Are/were you set up for paper tax forms? Maybe you can just wait for a paper 1099 to show up? I had an L3 account but checked before the shutdown that I actually had no trades for 2016-2017 so it wasn’t an issue for me (no tax form expected for 2017 and no 2016 available to download).

At worst, can you reconstruct your transactions, if they’re not too many, from your trade confirmation emails?

Yes. I guess I can use trade confirmation emails+IPO Price for cost basis.

If you need these by tomorrow I would recommend calling the IRS and asking for your wage and income transcript. You’ll need to have verifying information (name, ssn, address, maybe last year’s agi or something else from your return) and ask them to fax it to you. I don’t know anymore, but a couple years ago it would take 15 minutes to 24 hours to receive them which means you don’t necessarily know, but I’d imagine tomorrow is going to be a busy day. You can also call a different number and maybe get them to read it out to you.

If you have an online account, you can just download them yourself in a couple minutes.

Had problems setting up online irs acct. since I have family cell plan. They sent me a code but that put me in the verify loop 2nd time. Hope this time it works…

I have a refund coming anyways so I think i’ll wait for irs transcript online. I wish they’d send it automatically to everyone. Would make filing so much easier…

I had one of the to stock with loyal3… they did email my tac document for 2017 already.