Lyft free $40 worth of partial credits ? Maybe targeted

I planned on signing up for uber and lyft as a driver. So i made my profile but never got the driver portion set up. I wasnt a resident of the state quite yet. So when i get my drivers license changed over ill fill out the paperwork.
I saw lyft was offereing me as a sign up bonus. Spend $4.99 upfront get $4.00 off your next ten rides. Had to be used up within like 5 days tho. Nice but i have a car
Last email offering that deal was sept 11.
I get an email today. They gave me the deal without any purchase on my part and doubled how long i have to use it.
I now have 4$ off the next ten rides and they dont expire till Oct 17. Which is 13 days compared to the original 5.
Figured you guys should know just incase its not targeted for certain people or profiles.

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This is a good a place as any to mention this, but I just wanted to say that everyone should be mindful of how Lyft gift cards work. Unlike Uber, purchased gift credit doesn’t stack with promotions like the one the OP mentioned, and will be spent first at normal rates.

To add insult to injury, after you message them saying “how come my dollars/percent off promo didn’t work?“ they’ll correct it by issuing another gift credit, which will perpetuate the cycle :frowning:

So, I’ve more or less given up trying to stock up Lyft GC opportunistically in favor of their constant promos.