Macy's Cuisinart Oven Mitt Blowout - Prices slashed, but there's a problem

Macy’s has slashed prices on these rather nice Cuisinart oven mitts, both mini and full size, and there remains a decent selection of styles. The problem is shipping:

Macy’s will not ship these for free unless your order totals $25 or more. And the mitts are so inexpensive it is tough to get to $25. You have been warned.

But the oven mitts themselves are OK:

See the various Macy’s Cuisinart oven mitts here

I dunno. Maybe you buy extras and use them later for Christmas presents?

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There is a Macy’s store within a fairly close driving distance. I’ve always been hesitant of an oven mitt. When grabbing a really hot dish from the oven I want a heavy pot holder. Just me! :thinking:

This looks like a good buy (if you like oven mitts) & you have a Macy’s close-by.

Sure, you can keep buying crappy $5 mitts. Or you can get way more durable silicone mitts like this or this for <$10.

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What’s an oven mit? When moving a hot pan, I just grab the closest dish towel.

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Surprised this stupid deal remains alive . . . even though they have sold out of one or two of the mitts, a decent selection remains nevertheless.

Shipping kills this deal IMO. But maybe folks are buying the mitts in-store. Good deal that way.

The good oven mitts are better for really hot stuff, like the 550F cast iron pizza pan.

Nice thread. Who says we only talk about CD rates or politics here?


Deal still on this morning but the product style selection is shrinking as some of the mitts sell out.

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