Magic Writer ampliFI

I am researching this system and would appreciate any input anyone can provide. I’m especially interested to know processing cost and how billed, whether on individual charge basis or, instead, perhaps solely on total monthly volume, not broken out.

Realize I could just telephone Magic Writer and speak with their sales crew, but quite honestly I do not have status to make the inquiry I need to make and I prefer not lying.

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It’s not a retail offering. If you aren’t working with a financial institution they aren’t going to give you a quote. If someone here knows the terms for any particular contract, it’s extremely unlikely that they would share them in a public forum. It’s also very unlikely that whatever terms they have will be the same terms that are offered to whatever financial institution you’re working with.


lol, just stick with your mastercard scheme

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Working all the angles. Always have! :grinning:

Payment processors are extremely interesting.