Major Mortgage lender tried to foreclose my paidoff home!

Ok I’ve been wanting to share this story for a while , I think after the housing meltdown we all heard about banks who would foreclose on the wrong homes or change the locks on a neighbors home , etc.

Well it happened to me a few years ago , and I’m still dealing with the repercussions to this day. The story went like this - there was a fire at one of my rental properties , tenant moved out , my insurance paid the repair money to my lender due to the mortgagee clause . The repair money was larger than the mortgage balance .

I asked my lender to pay off the loan , and send me the excess , but they wouldn’t do it unless I signed all kinds of documents agreeing to repair the home , providing them estimates , proof the work begun, agree to indemnify them from any claims , etc.

Well of course I don’t agree to that . then they send me a notice of default , despite the fact they are holding more money then required to pay off the loan and I’ve told them to pay it off and send me the excess .

Fast forward through a bunch of lawsuits I can’t really detail , but l Get my property back in my name only , and some $$ for my troubles .

To add insult to injury , they then report to the credit bureaus I was in foreclosure . Not a good thing to have on your credit report when you invest in RE. Sue them again , get another judgment . Let’s just say at this point they’ve already spent close to the cost of the mortgage balance fighting me .

Last year , they decide to re-report my loan is in foreclosure . Almost 5 years after this all occurred . This time I’m going after not just the lender , but the credit bureaus as well for re reporting a debt they knew was not valid . So this is the saga that just doesn’t want to end .

Anyone else have Something like this happen to you ?


Not exactly the same, but equally as frustrating - my employer uses The Work Number for employment and salary verification. The Work Number is run by Equifax ('nuff said) and there were holes in the data - two years showing no salary for which I was in fact employed. Tried to get TWN to fix it, told to go to employer. Employer says they show reporting accurate data, take it up with TWN. Fought it for 2 years until I got fed up with going in circles and filed a dispute with TWN for inaccurate data. TWN responds that the employer has to fix it, employer says TWN has to fix it. Knew I could technically file a FCRA suit over it, but I really don’t want to crap where I eat, so I ignored it for past year or so. Tried to pull my report a couple weeks ago, “unable to be verified online, please send manual documents and copies of ID.” Got response last week - “You don’t exist. We have no data for your SSN.”

Keep fighting, my friend. It’s all we can do.

Does your Social Security statement show that you exist?

Thankfully yes! So does my paycheck. I’ve lobbed the issue back to my payroll department, but will also admit I’m thinking about contacting someone in the legal office to ask “can you do something about this before I have to file suit to make a point?”

I know, CodeName47 would be ashamed of me for not seizing the opportunity…

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