Mancow ......... (one word says it all)

Are there any other Mancow fans out there?

These last few days with Blago have been a lot of fun!

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Hmmmm. It appears not too many Mancow fans in the group.



Mancow with a revelation on this morning’s show just after 5:30 am CT. Says he has insider friends at the White House.

Word is Trump went off script during yesterday’s presser. He did not lie . . . fact is he told the truth when mentioning crisis could last until summer. But plan prior was one of incrementalism . . . two weeks at a time.

Course Trump’s honest revelation hit the stock market hard, which they were hoping to avoid. Mancow says Trump’s task force subordinates were caught totally by surprise.

Also, unrelated to the above:

No green water in the Chicago River today. Sad.


When I read Mancow, all I can think about is ManBearPig.

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Or a confused minotaur.

OK, for all you Hall and Oates meatballs out there, here is a song to add to your list:

Put this on your list

Were things better forty years ago or what!!



All right, well, that didn’t seem to work. Maybe you guys do not care for Hall and Oates. It’s OK. So tell you what I can offer:

In honor of Mancow I will accept a small number of requests. There are limits to this:

Must be a top 100 song roughly between the years of 1956 and 1986. Sorry, have nothing newer than that . . . or older, either. Give me a try. I aim to please and will do my best. Just give me title and artist.