Member-to-Member Trades

All I’m saying is that this activity shouldn’t be exposed to the Internet without a login. Or maybe a closed forum of just known members from FWF.

Understood. I have not followed those legal threats closely…I gather that has proven problematic even when there are just classified ads posted? It’s interesting that FT has made coupon connection work, albeit with a significant set of requirements for participation.

The rules for coupon connection and moderation is pretty tight. No credit card points, no AA points, minimum post counts, no “camping” in CC, etc. I could see this more as a forum for product trades.

So far this thread has been progressing in the right direction, just posts announcing what someone’s looking to trade

All negotiations should occur OFF SITE. Not in pm, and not in this thread .


Unfortunately, Marriott points got devalued when they raised the levels of a lot of their hotels. Prime example is that 2 hotels I used to use, one which was 7,500 points per night and the other 10,000, are now both 15,000 per night.

To me, Marriott points are worth about 6/10 cent each. YMMV if you can get a high-end hotel on the cheap.

Curious: Not in PM because… legal ramifications for the site? Some other reason?

I want to reiterate what JayTrader said above: I’ve never had any issues with selling points EXCEPT Chase. Chase will generally hound you and be pretty vicious - YMMV, but I’d at least take extra due diligence if you’re going down the Chase path.

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I have 90K American, 20K Delta and 10K Marriott (yeah yeah yeah… small potatoes). If you need a small transaction to go through, PM me.

A guy I know just sold two accounts with a total of 375k Amex. Both got frozen when the broker attempted to use them so yea, YMMV.

quick, someone register FragileDealz :smile:

That’s unfortunate. I did encounter a freeze on both my and my wife’s platinum accounts last year though. But the speculation there is because of the 100k point deals being leaked, and Amex purposefully suspending those 100k bonus points in space-time until the bonus period was over. Once they were let free, I sold the 200k points no problem.

Nope these were targeted offers. Amex suspected gc purchased to meet the minimum spend requirements, hence the freeze. RAT team working overtime these days…

You also need to look out for the airlines trolling this thread.

Buying Wells Fargo points pm me

Once you get his offer, let me know and I’ll beat it.

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I have $500 worth of american airlines gift cards. Looking to offload these.

paying 1.4

I got you beat, I’m offering 1.30

I gotta ya both. 1.2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone want 8 Blueapron meals? Please pm me