Member-to-Member Trades

Let’s use this thread for member to member trades.

For example, I’m buying Wells Fargo Rewards Points at 1.25cpp.

Can be miles, points, certs, vouchers, etc.

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I have 53,000 Merrill points I’d love to get $750 for. This is where 25,000 points = a $500 flight.

What’s 600k Amex worth

I’m a little embarrassed, but I have over 1mil UnitedMP from my road warrior days.

Thanks, you just made me feel better about the ~400k UnitedMP I’m hoarding…:grinning:

Perhaps a forum to handle this? It could be a great resource, but a single thread will get unwieldy very fast…

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I may be interested in buying up to 50k of Marriott points depending on cost per point. PM me how much you’re interested in selling for.

Can someone sell his/her Marriott reward points to another person?

I have 200k. No clue what market rate is…

“Retail” rates here:
I’m guessing “private party trade-in” would be lower. No idea on whether it’s even possible for Marriott.

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Oh man, I need change my Asset Allocation in the other thread to account for my points, ha. I knew they had value, but always just figured I’d use them for last minute travel. Now maybe I’ll use them to buy a few crown vics.


H&B before a depreciating asset like a car. Come on. Although, you need a car to get to the H. Maybe a CV is worthwhile.

At The risk of being overly cautious, this type of activity probably shouldn’t be in a public-facing forum. Once people start trading/selling AA instruments- it’s going to get nasty.

It’s OK now because most everyone here are long timers, but we can’t be sure about newcomers.

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That’s a fair point. I wonder if some intermediate policy might be workable, such as letting people post their FS/T or Wanted posts, then taking it to PM or email? I haven’t moderated a public board with an active trading component, so am not the most qualified to opine on this.

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This. Flyertalk has had problems with this as well: What Happened To FlyerTalk’s Coupon Connection? - LoyaltyLobby

Not saying it isn’t possible to make trades work, but as userbase grows the risk does too.

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@DaveHanson this was the exact idea I had at phatwallet. As a mod, I created a stickied thread under the travel forum as the “official” trading thread, however, all negotiations were to be via PM. I figured that was the best of both worlds. People can advertise what they need/are selling, but have a private venue to negotiate and not incriminate themselves to the airline-point-seller-buster teams.

1.25 cents per point to brokers (some people have gotten more). Risky business though dealing with brokers.

I’ve sold about a million AmEx points, across varying cards, across varying time frames, and never had an issue. YMMV, I guess. However, I have NEVER sold Chase UR because of the horror stories.


Why is it risky?

The risk is for the forum. Too much trouble having to respond to random John Doe lawsuit subpoenas once there’s enough trading activity to get the airlines interested. The site will end up having to “voluntarily” give them up, just like eBay etc.