Offering discounts on airline tickets (7.5% off most published fares)

Upvote for Eugene’s deal and Eugene in general. I also offer this same deal but i do not accept paypal. Happy travels, folks, Dont Pay Full Price!

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Alright, Black Friday special: 15% off on the next five bookings of at least 3k each as long as you would also leave feedback here.

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i also offer this deal. Eugene is legit. this is a great way to save on air fare folks. im glad this community is still going, there are some old timers i am happy to see!

Thanks for the bump. I booked through Eugene a month back and everything worked great.

I’m surprised there isn’t more take up of this service. I have a ton of points and would be happy to do > $2k flight bookings for 15% off for trusted individuals.

I’ve bought tickets from these guys and can vouch for their trustworthiness. The killer app is a business class sale ticket, plus their discount.

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I just purchased 2 tickets from EugeneV, and it was a great deal and a smooth transaction. He was very patient with me and priced multiple itineraries at my request. I can definitely vouch for him.

Thanks Eugene!


bump for eugene. while other’s of us run this deal, I can def vouch for him.

Just curious, what kind of discount is Eugene offering compared to Orbitz/Expedia or direct pricing from the airlines ?

I think he spelled it out in the OP…

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Thank you. Just saw that.

Actually… I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this earlier, but… I can have the travel agency charge a small amount for the tickets, like $1, on your credit card! Some credit cards, like Chase Ritz Visa, offer delayed luggage coverage and trip interruption insurance if you use it to pay for any portion of the trip! No reason to give it up, if you have the right card…


My discount is decreasing to 7.5% off most published fares.
I do not book Norwegian, Ryanair, and can rarely match Southwest or WOW.

I just purchased a round-trip ticket via Eugene. It was a simple, smooth process and it saved me some money !

Can’t ask for better service, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

@EugeneV Sent PM to you.

Hi Eugene,

I am a long time FW and SD member.
Was researching travel deals and found your post.


Continuing to be very happy with Eugene’s bookings. Highly recommend.

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EugeneV, thanks for your post. Hoping to contact you before too long!

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