Merry Christmas / very belated Chanukkah

I’m stretching it … almost to the midnight hour … and the appropriate mass … but times a fading, so …

Merry Christmas to All, and to all, A Good Night. :smile:


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and isn’t it [Chanukkah] till Monday this year till the last candle, so not late? (like my tax extensions :wink: )

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Happy Christmas day as celebrated, December 26. I guess the government employees have to get their holiday. This is like celebrating the Fourth of July on July 5 if it falls on the weekend.

Regarding the Hanukkah spelling controversy, I guess Ch is closer to the. preferred pronunciation?

Happy 2nd day of Christmas!
8th day of Hanukkah!
1st day of Kwanzaa!


Yep, It is ch… a throat sound in Hebrew

General rule of thumb is Ch if your roots are N. European (Germany, Austria, France, Britain) and H if you’re from far Southern Europe and North Africa.

Remember that I said “general” rule of thumb. :smile:

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