MetroPCS: 4 lines of unlimited data for $100

Title says it all. Can have a total of 5 lines for $125,

Free phone per number ported from non-TMO carriers, up to 5.

Both new and existing customers are eligible.


Love this. The three for $90 is a good spot for those stuck with fewer friends and family.

ETA: Anyone know if they actually block hotspot unless you pay more for it?


I need 2 lines. Right now I’m on the “Unlimited 2”/$80/2 lines deal from Cricket…so I’m sorta “stuck” as to whether to switch or not.

As far as unauthorized tethering goes, everything I’ve read says TMO is strict about it. That’s another reason for me not to switch: I occasionally do some unauthorized tethering. Not much, no more than 300 MB/month (if at all), but when I need it, I need it. I can’t justify paying extra for such a minute amount of data, especially when I’m already paying for unlimited data.

Yes, the 3 lines/$90 is a great price point.

I need to see when this promo ends. I’m really on the fence on this deal. But the tethering will probably be the deciding factor for me. But it’s very close…

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I use TMobile tethering as my home internet some months. But my question is whether metro pcs actively blocks it, similar to how ring+ had plans with it blocked.

I wish I needed more than 2 lines as well.

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It’s a great question. I don’t have a definitive answer for it.

I’m plannng in stopping by my local Metro store and ask how long this promo is going on for, then weigh everything out.


We have 10 lines on tmo right now paying a smidge over $270 after tax/fees this looks like it would save us $20/month anyone here know if it really is $125 total? Also right now each line only gets 2gb and this looks like it would max at 35 which no one ever hits…

In a single year, we’d save nearly the equivalent of a single month’s bill. Def worth it regardless, but does anyone know if you get tmo tuesday stuff?

eta: I just checked and looks like I forgot my sis has a DIP at $40/month so turns out we’re actually paying less… still slightly better because of unlimited data, but we only really care about how much we’re paying not so much the extra services. I might talk to tmo anyway, see if they can give me something to discourage me from thinking about it.

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Thanks OP.

Fyi no HD Streaming, 480p only.

And for those porting in that want a better phone than those freely offered, $100 will be deducted off a more expensive model.

Post-35gb speed is 512kb IF deprioritized.

And yes, Tether just won’t work unless if you pay extra.

Current customers MUST add at least one additional line to qualify.


[B]>>>This deal is ending on December 25, 2017.<<<[/B]


Here’s the info I received today:

*This deal runs until Christmas.
*The iPhone SE deal can be stacked with this deal.

My goal was to port my two lines from Cricket and buy 2 of the SEs, then use the SE SIMs in my current phones, mothball the SEs then unlock them in three months.


I was told that I’d need to use the SEs for at least a month before swapping the SIMs into my current phones. So that kills this for me, as I had no intention of actually using the SEs and was planning on giving them as gifts.

So that’s that, unless someone has different information.

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Anyone have experience with porting from T-Mobile?
I think porting into cricket then back out seems like too much work

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If you had gotten in on the T-Mobile Hookup earlier this year that would have been the better deal because of the free T-Mobile One Plus promotion with 256kb speeds internationally and 10GB of LTE hotspot. Also Metro would be deprioritized compared to T-Mobile, which might be a concern in dense areas where networks are congested.


There are reports, YMMV of course, that TMO customers are getting the deal. Some without the free phones, some with.

Again, highly YMMV.

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Deal has officially ended. Confirmed today at my local store.

YMMV if you can find a store somewhere that has stock and will do it.

But again, the deal is officially done.

Darth what stock do they need to do this deal? Special SIM cards?

Any remaining SEs they want to sell at that price.

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Ok So the iphone SE deal here: iPhone SE, 32 GB - $49 with port in at MetroPCS (YMMV) - #12 by DarthEnol is dead,

but this thread $100 for 4 lines is still alive.

Correct. The iPhone SE promo is finished. The 4 lines/$100 promo is active until Christmas.