Mexican Coke $18.00

Decent price for those who prefer avoiding HFCS:

Mexican Coke

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Suspicion of broken bottles?

Might go for the 3 items $30+= free shipping.

Pretty good deal!

Yes. Good idea. A double order gets you a dozen bottles of Mexican Coke and free shipping.

It’s now just under $25 with free shipping, for the 12 pack.

Your link has only been clicked on 9 times, but you still managed to move the market… :stuck_out_tongue:


Big sugar takes a bow! :smile:

You know, my mindset on this I guess differs from some because of my age:

It’s like with the gasoline without ethanol I posted about a while back. I now purchase that stuff exclusively, regardless purpose, simply because I do not believe ethanol belongs in gasoline and because, when I was young, nobody had any notion of such foolishness. It wasn’t an issue. Gasoline was gasoline. Period.

Now with the Coke, same thing. Coca Cola should be made with real sugar. Period. And it always was made with sugar. When I was young, HFCS in Coca Cola would have been viewed as an adulterant.
And that is exactly how I continue to view it!

So availability of real Coca Cola, similar to availability of real gasoline, has to be looked upon as a win for younger people alive now who are trying to learn, and to experience, the way things ought to be.

Finally, I have read that there is a difference in taste between real Coke and the crap they sell in America today that is sweetened with HFCS. Big shock! Maybe, if enough Americans begin buying the Mexican Coke, American bottlers would stop trying to sell the swill they are pushing now and start bottling the real thing once again.

True personal story:

American Coke did not go over to HFCS until 1980. Many years before that I was a youngster with a fairly long walk home from school (only about a mile but uphill). Anyway, there was this lumber yard on my way home, and in the office was a Coke machine intended primarily for the lumber yard employees. It dispensed bottles of Coke at a cost of 5¢/bottle. They were the old, smaller bottles. I would go in there on my way home, on hot days, and refresh myself for a nickel. Nobody bothered me because I was just a kid.

That was real Coca Cola I was getting for my nickel. Now you have to buy it imported from Mexico. And they call this progress!

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It’s commonly found at Mexican groceries if you have one.


You are a bit older than me, @shinobi , but I got you beat! When I was a kid, the barber shop had a coke machine with the bottled cokes. The barber always gave the kids a free coke after their haircut. I LOVED getting my hair cut!!


Either way, 40g of sugar!

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Cane sugar beats corn sugar … except when you put the empty bottle in the silo.

Another real story…

When I was quite young, we would make 3-4 long car trips from California to Oklahoma to visit family. Believe me traveling through the Texas panhandle during the summer is long and hot. (no AC)

So gas stops were always something my sister and I looked forward to. Those lonely stations along hi way “route 66” were a site to behold. Inside the station were these big ice chest boxes filled with 5 cent bottles of coke. My dad would include our coke with the gas receipt.

Happiness was accomplished again….