Mini digital air fryer at mini price - Twenty bucks!

Don’t bring the family. But at this price maybe OK for cooking or heating up single or double servings of this or that. A two quart air fryer is pretty small.

Note: Shipping is outrageous at $8.49 so you gotta pick this up at a brick & mortar BB store.


Unsurprisingly this deal is rigidly time limited. It will expire in less than a day. Also it would not surprise me if some stores sell out even before that. However:

Pay heed they are offering an “order now and pick up later” option which is active as I post this. That option might be a way for you to snag the deal without having to rush to the store in the next few hours.

Link to mini digital air fryer for twenty bucks at Best Buy

Note this fryer is available in your choice of colors . . . provided you choose matte black. :rofl:

Reviews are not horrible.

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Ha Ha!

I didn’t know Henry, but remember my father explaining his range of colors.

We are down to the wire:

This deal ends at midnight Central time.

bummer I miss FW Hot deals. Didn’t see it on SD either. Hope it comes back for BF

Sorry you missed out. I think you will get another shot at some point. But am unable to guess when that might be. If I see deal again I will post.