Money and mental health are related

Money does more than merely lubricate consumption. Whether retained or given away, it is constructive for your mental health:

5 ways saving money can boost your mental health

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Article says:

No great revelation here. Sociologists have been saying the exact opposite about poverty (i.e. it increases stress, reduces confidence and optimism, etc).

I think that being poor is destructive for your mental health. It’s not the same. If you start out OK at some baseline, then you won’t get any better by managing money properly, but you will get sicker by being broke.

Just started watching something last night that talked about this very thing – Moses Storm: Trash White (TV Special 2022) - IMDb

have the opposite problem. Tend to hoard money, risk averse, extreme saver Esp. these days savers are really being punished

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Sorry, posted an incorrect link above, it’s now corrected.

I totally relate! And I noticed that I do feel better staring at my pile of money… Now I no longer wonder why! :crazy_face:

But I also remember a study saying people don’t get quite as boosted by positive events (good stock market performance, sports team winning) as they get depressed by negative ones (bad stock market performance, or favorite team losing). So there’s probably diminishing returns for managing your money well beyond the basics.