Montgomery Co. MD cellphone Utility Users Tax

I see my county charges a $3.50 per month per phone tax on cellphones. My base monthly bill with two phone numbers averages $18 a month so an additional $7 is a large part of the total bill. Annoyed more at the principle than the amount but certainly unfair to be charged the same as those that have a $100 a month bill. Can I change my billing address to Virginia (I have property there) to eliminate that $7 fee?

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I am sure you can, but the taxes are almost as high, if not higher, in VA – especially Fairfax County.

Fairfax County’s Tax List

Paperless statements can go anywhere, you just have to find a less greedy location to call home. That’s true for income taxes too, to the tune of a lot more than $7, but you might actually have to live there most of the time.

Spotslvania Co actually. Don’t see any tax on that list close to the $7 I’m paying now.

I hear that cell phone taxes are very low in Oregon and Nevada.

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If you are post paid, then changing address is only option. If pre-paid then buy online through third parties and avoid many of the parasitic local taxes. Using the pre-paid’s auto pay also adds the local taxes.

I don’t get an actual bill in the mail. The amount is charged to my credit card every month.