Mortgage Comparison Rates

Why get 2% for 10 years if you can get 2.75% for 30?

I would agree long term is better to beat inflation.

My thinking is we won’t be in the home after 10 years. In this case, maybe it doesn’t make sense to pay higher interest.

You’d be able to use more of that borrowed money until you sell, since the monthly mortgage payments on the 30-year are much lower.

I suppose there’s no chance you’ll be there longer than 10 years or decide to keep it as a rental?

in CA, rental for expensive SFH is a money losing game. So no.

Maybe. With capped property tax increases, fixed low-interest mortgage, and rent always going up, it becomes profitable eventually.


Rates also seem to be trending down. They’re near late-january’s rates at the place I’m looking. (with around Jan 1 being the lowest rates there were.)

I wonder if this change is already priced in to new quotes or not…

I was wondering the same, as there was a nice drop coinciding with this news. Don’t know if anything else contributed to it.