Move stock from ESPP to Vanguard?

I have about 325 shares of company stock that I accumulated over 22 years of working at an old employer from the ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan). The stock is sitting in Computershare and I had not logged into the account in awhile and took me a few days to finally get into the account last week. I’m trying to decide if I should transfer the shares over to my Vanguard account just to make life easier since most of my accounts are in Vanguard. The only thing I can see as a disadvantage is that the ESPP plan has the prices I bought it at since each paycheck bought a small amount. Whenever I sell the stock I’ll definitely want these details to determine cost basis.

Is it worth keeping the stock in the ESPP plan for that reason? I don’t plan on selling it any time soon and I no longer work at the company. Just trying to figure out if it makes sense to move assets and close out an account.

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No. There may be other reasons that I’m unaware of, but just for your ACB is not one. Get a printout showing your ACB, although I suspect it is probably on an annual statement. In the worst case, take a screenshot of the page that shows your ACB, and print multiple copies, even putting one in your safety deposit box as extra insurance.

That’s my (inflation adjusted) 2¢.