MOVIEPASS Now $9.99 per month


Bloomberg - Netflix Co-Founder’s Crazy Plan: Pay $10 a Month, Go to the Movies All You Want


They also offer:

Moviepass PREMIUM - Denver & Boston Markets Only. $20/month unlimited 2D, 3D & Imax movies at MoviePass

There is an option for this program when you signed up and when you are in the two markets.


This is a great deal. I was actually going to plug it in the :“living frugally” thread, as it can deliver a big dallop of leisure entertainment for a very small cash outlay.

My card is on the way.

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And if you want to bet on the hype, the microcap stock HMNY owns half of that venture. Definitely not an endorsement (it’s small and very risky), but if you’re going to bother to follow the MoviePass hype for fun, maybe you can make a few bucks daytrading HMNY…


I don’t think it’s sustainable but for now my daughter is milking it for all that it’s worth. Going about twice a week. You can also pretty easily “lend” your pass to someone especially if you’re dropping them off at the theater anyway.

The only caveat is if the movie is very popular, it may be difficult to get a seat unless you swing by the theater hours before but not a deal breaker.


I signed up for this on September 15. Have not received any shipping notification yet. I presume it is taking around 3 weeks before the card is in the mail?


Just used mine for the first time today . I checked in to the theater on the app but my movie pass card got declined

I had to exit the app and check in again , and then it worked .


Any way to check participating theaters by the ZIP code? I emailed their support, but never heard back.


Try this:



I think it’s pretty much all theaters that take debit cards and allow you to look up showtimes online. I looked and some really rinky dink (we’re talking 2 screen theater way out in the country) theaters are on there.

I signed up a few days after it was being widely discussed and received my card in time to see a movie on September 2nd. My gf signed up at least 4 weeks ago and hasn’t received her card yet. Perhaps they’re issuing cards in batches rather than continuously.


I ordered my cards on August 26th and received them yesterday, September 29th.

In the meantime, if you have one of the very few chains that allow e-ticketing (there is one around me), you can use it to buy e-tickets.

I didn’t have any drama using it, but of course with e-tickets you don’t get rewards.

Seems like a pretty no-risk proposal as long as you want to see at least 2 per month.


Ordered mine 8/26 and got the card around 9/29. I haven’t actually used it as I have mobility issues at the moment but I’m hoping to convince a friend to go with me this week. There is an AMC a mile from here and I know they have to take it, despite the blustering from their CEO. So you just use the app in the parking lot and pay with the card at the ticket counter?

I have seen comments on reddit similar to here about it being buggy. One thing people also mentioned is the showtimes in the app may not be correct so double check that.

Yes you have to check in on the app to activate the debit card , while you are near the theater-otherwise it will get declined when they swipe it

As I mentioned I checked in on the app , and still got declined when I swiped the card . I had to exit the app , log in again ,and check in again , and then it worked when swiped

I got my card Oct 7 and saw the excellent Battle of the Sexes with it Oct 8.

No issues whatsoever, even though I’d had the app open for a few hours before checking in.

It’s certainly going to induce me to visit the theater more often. There are some interesting kickbacks when you see several films from the same studio, too. For instance, Paramount has a deal with Regal where you get bonus extra points, snacks, and digital copies (upon release) of all the movies you’ve seen when you see 4 current and upcoming films.

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I’ve been posting several positive reviews about Moviepass. I’m still using the heck out of it. However, for full disclosure I should mention there may be discontent brewing. Even though my card wasn’t received and activated until mid-September, they’ve somehow seen fit to bill me $9.95 three times already. I’ve reached out via the app’s chat feature but as far as anyone can tell, those contacts just fall into a black hole somewhere. Will keep you posted.

Ah, the old “switcheroo” :smirk:

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Still waiting.

They can probably afford the cash burn if they are taking on customers fast enough who pay now and don’t get their card for a couple months. Losing money on every transaction and making up for it in volume works if you’re running a Ponzi or if you sell the business to some greater fool before you run out of new customer growth.


Another factor benefiting Moviepass is that I’m having a much harder time finding movies I actually want to watch this year VS previous years. I’m finding even when my incremental cost is $0 I still can’t find more than one or two movies a month I actually want to watch.

I am interested in this but it seems like BS that you start paying at Day 0 but can’t use the service until they send you a card that arrives in the mail at a non-specific point in the future, possibly at the 1 month+ mark, meaning you pay for the service for a month and can’t use it. I read the comment that it may be possible at some theaters to use a digital pay option but let’s assume that it won’t work.

Also, I imagine cancelling will be a hassle, waiting on a phone call for a significant period of time.