MoviePass now $90/ year for new members

MoviePass has a special right now for new members. $90/year for unlimited movies!


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MoviePass may not be around much longer …

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Don’t read too much into a 20% drop on this stock - that’s a slightly above average move given they went up 10-15x in the last month. Don’t worry about HMNY - they can always sell more stock as long as they want to keep the hope (hype) alive. Might be bad for the equity holders, but they’re not going broke that soon. I mean, the company is in better shape than it’s been for years, and it’s been very marginal for most of that time.

At least the yearly charge will allow them to front load some revenue. As long as I can see Baywatch 2 for free when it comes out, I’m all set.

This same offer is now being offered to existing users. You can go to the website, log in, and click to upgrade. It’s actually about $7.50 paid annually since the $6.95 figure doesn’t include a $6.55 processing fee.

I’m hesitant to put more at risk since if they fail more than 60 days from now, I’d have no recourse. But my experience so far with them has been positive enough that I may.

Welcome To MoviePass!
You can manage your account from inside the app.

Would you like to switch your current plan of $9.95 a month to a new, annual plan of $6.95 a month? This plan will be billed as a one time charge of $89.95 ($6.95 a month for twelve months, plus a $6.55 processing fee).

Your monthly plan remains in effect until your current billing cycle ends, at which point your annual plan goes into effect.

Limit two per household.

Spotify hasn’t made a profit and they’re still alive.

True that. Of the companies that are doing remarkably well today (e.g. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google), how many of their business models were clear profit makers from the beginning? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.