My City Was Gone

My City Was Gone


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RIP Rush

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Love him or hate him, the man single-handedly resurrected a medium of information transmission that is still going to this day. He also created from scratch a format of political talk that is still an industry standard. A 3 hour syndicated talk show may seem like old hat today, but it probably wouldn’t be a thing had he not been successful. There are hundreds of political pundits of all stripes that owe a debt of gratitude for their careers to him.


Thank shin… Love it!

I watched Hannity today & he spent his whole hour remembering Rush. The love of all the millions of listeners during his years of radio. I never realized the multiple of Talk Radio hosts that Rush had helped get their programs going. A wonderful hour of tribute.

Listening to the rendition “My City Was Gone” reminded me of the many hours I was glued to the radio. When traveling by car, my radio was always tuned to Rush. 9-12 on KSFO. Many a mile on the road to visit family all over the country.

I guess he was ready to go. A wonderful person. RIP Rush…

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Apparently he gave a lot to charities anonymously, including some kids medical stuff. Hard to fault that kind of generosity.


He also provided a forum for lots of conservative commentators that I didn’t know. My favorite - Walter Williams, who, sadly, is also gone.


It’s the same intro theme (see OP) and it’s on at the same time every weekday, but without Rush live and in person it certainly is not the same show.

They are trying now to fill in, to make do, with prerecorded Rush. I have tried to listen but I end up turning the show off. Rush used to refer to the “stick to the issues” crowd and I am a member of that crowd. It’s too bad because the various guest hosts have some ability to address current events. And they could intersperse a small amount of Rush’s recorded wisdom with good effect. But instead they are attempting to leave the show mostly in Rush’s hands via recorded material. And that, sadly, is simply not workable.

Yes, same here.

I don’t enjoy listening to the fill in’s for Rush’s show. Here in the west, 9-12 am. I’m not usually listening to the radio at that time unless I’m in the car They will eventually assign someone in that slot.

Repeats of Rush are getting old! :thinking:

Rush Limbaugh obit was full of venom, half-truths, bias

The obituary written by Matt Sendesky of The Associated Press (“Rush Limbaugh, ‘voice of American conservatism,’ has died,”) was full of half-truths, bias, statements taken out of context, innuendos and outright personal attacks on a man who refused to be bullied by the left, kowtow to “political correctness,” overcame physical disabilities and numerous attempts to cancel his radio show by leftists boycotting sponsors and was loved and trusted by over 30 million faithful listeners every day.

Sedensky also didn’t miss the opportunity to take shots at Presidents Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and conservative Republicans in general.

Historically, obituaries tend to not focus on faults of the deceased but on good things they’ve done in their lifetime. Sedensky never once mentioned the millions of dollars Limbaugh raised for charities and personally donated to out of his own pocket. Many of which he never made public.

It may not be important to Sedensky and The Associated Press but Limbaugh has spent a lifetime defending our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which includes free speech, which it seems no one on the left is interested in anymore and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in creating the first country in the world to give so much liberty and freedom to its citizens and making sure the federal government would always serve the citizens and states and not the other way around.

President Joe Biden and other Democrats make a point of saying “we must come together as a nation” and “we’ve got to have unity,” but it’s obvious from their refusal to debate the issues, the vicious personal attacks and efforts to destroy anyone who may disagree with them. They only want like-minded people in their “tent.”

I can understand small newspapers using the co-op status of The Associated Press articles for their news because it saves them money, and they could never afford to buy news from independent agencies. However, most of The Associated Press articles always exude bias, leftist ideology and a hatred of President Trump so strong they can’t distinguish the difference between independently reporting news and editorializing their personal ideology even in an obituary headline celebrating the death of Rush Limbaugh saying Rush Limbaugh, “voice of American conservatism has died.”

Not once did they mention anything positive about the deceased. Not even the fact he knew he was dying of lung cancer and still, up until the last, he continued to broadcast and reaffirm his belief in America and the inalienable rights of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” that God gave all of us.

– Bill Fullen Sr.


Every so often I like to listen to Rush’s music. First time I’d heard it from start to conclusion… Thanks…

End of the story!

Yes…that’s “My City Was Gone” by the Pretenders…the beginning of which was used for Rush’s show…

It had been said that Chrissie Hynde… the lead singer, guitarist and writer of the song (who is a major liberal…lol) wasn’t happy about Rush using it and didn’t want him to…but they asked her about it and she said that wasn’t true… That her parents were big “Rush” fans and as far as she was concerned, she was fine with it… :slight_smile:

It’s a great song (along with my other big favorite of the group… “Back on the Chain Gang”…)


Actually, i always liked most of the fill in hosts on Rush’s show when it he couldn’t be there…but i am getting tired of them playing all the Rush clips…time to select a new host for the time slot…

It has been, and it continues to be, a long goodbye for Rush.

But commencing in May he will be gone and off the air. Dan Bongino will take over the “noon to three” (ET) time slot which Rush occupied for more than thirty years. Apparently they are brooming Rush’s entire EIB organization and making a fresh, scratch, start.

It’s Bongino!!

My City Was Gone. And shortly so too will Rush be completely gone.

Life moves on.

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Thanks shin. I like Dan Bongino, probably as good a replacement as any.

In the west (or my part) it’s 9-12, Hannity 12-3, Mark Levin 3-6. Don’t really know late hour host.

Generally you have Ben Shapiro doing evenings.

I’m surprised they ran taped Rush for that long as his show is clearly time sensitive. Meanwhile there are at least three streams online still playing old Art Bell shows from decades ago.


It’s nice to be reminded of how successful Rush was, and how jealous newsreaders still are.


In case no one has seen it, a nice tribute is located here.

Google may put on their mind reading hat and suggest two other videos.

One is an in-depth interview with James Golden (Bo Snerdly) at Liberty University in 2019. The first four or five minutes is about Rush, but the remainder is all about Golden’s views on America. They may be rather surprising to some, considering his employer.

The other is the best CPAC speech ever.