National Credit Union Association Chairman works from home - in Dallas


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Good for Mr. McWatters!

It is long past time America’s capitol be moved west. Have to wonder if that will happen this century. I will not be around to find out, that’s for certain.

I would nominate Omaha or, possibly, Kansas City for the honor.

Our American ancestors had the good sense to centralize the location of this nation’s capitol, moving it south from NYC and Philly. Of course back then there was no “west”, so DC made sense. It no longer makes sense.

The various existing memorials and monuments in DC should be maintained, though. But new ones erected during this third millennium should be constructed nearer to this nation’s geographic center.

Anyway, bottom line, Mr. McWatters is not unorthodox. He is merely in the avant garde, a man ahead of his time. Trump is a builder. I hope in his second term he builds us a new capitol. He needs to select a location which is not currently swamp land.:rofl:

When you don’t like someone, even the way they hold their folk will infuriate you.

He spends a lot of NCUA money on travel. They haven’t moved anything, just the chairman is out there rarely seeing anyone in his agency, and spending extra money on his home office, travel, taking limos, etc.

He previously billed NCUA $22,000 in furniture for the office he rarely uses in NCUA headquarters.

To be sure, most of the funds for NCUA come from fees on credit unions, not directly the taxpayer, but they even more directly affect the small consumer as this is who credit unions work for, and thus affect the benefits credit union shareholders receive.