Neato D5 robot vacuum on sale: $400 at Bed Bath Beyond ($100 off normal price + 20% coupon)

The Neato D5 is on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond for $499. That’s $100 off the normal price…plus there’s 4% Ebate cashback and of course add a 20% off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. Total comes to $400 + tax.

Being at Bed Bath & Beyond makes this deal. The D5 has been at this price at other places* over BF weekend. But Bed Bath & Beyond is THE place you want to buy this because of their awesome return policy.

In my experience, Neatos are superior to Roomba because of their mapping and navigation abilities. The one knock you’ll see on them is long-term reliability. (I suspect it’s something that happens with all robot vacuum brands.) I haven’t experienced it, but you’ll see a lot of reviews claiming problems after the warranty expired. That’s where BB&B and their great return policy comes into play. I wouldn’t buy these things anywhere else…well, I guess Costco, too.

*You may wonder about price matching these other deals; they wouldn’t do it for me since BB&B sells a unique model number.

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