Need a lawyer. Large TV company will not stop emailing me tho ive unsub'd

No need to name names here.

No matter how many times ive unsubscribed they just keep sending. Which i believw might be against the law.

Rather than just pick a name off the internet somewhere. Is there a place that lists lawyers in this area of law ? A reputable place ?

Have any of you done this ?
Got any stories of wins or losses ?

Im not going to do it myself ala codename 47.

Thank you.

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While I’m sure there’s probably some arcane legal course of action- why don’t you just block it or mark it as spam so it disappears? Easy in gmail.

On the other hand, if I could get statutory damages out of every poorly-behaved unsubscribe button, I’d probably be rich. My spam folder is full of them.


Because this company should know better.

I believe i misremembered it i guess.

Turns out …

" I am tired of receiving spam emails. How do I file a CAN-SPAM suit?

The short answer is that private citizens cannot."

Hopes being dashed.

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What do you think is going to happen if you say “sony” or “samsung” won’t stop emailing me? Why beat around the bush?


This isn’t what I do, but it may work for you. Log into your LG account and change the email to something fake or get a 10 minute email address and use that.

Be aware of the downsides of this approach. Two that I can immediately envision are recalls and notification of class actions. I’m sure there are others.

IMHO you’re 1000% better off spending your energy elsewhere.

CAN-SPAM act makes it illegal to not honor unsubscribe requests. You can report them to the FTC. but you’ve got no personal recourse to seek damages individually under that law.

What state are you in? Apparently some states have laws that might allow you to take othe legal action.

You’re 100% sure the email you are geting is sent to you and not forwarded?

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Sending what? Bills for cable service you have unsubscribed from? How much do you owe?

where is code47 hanging out these days??

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Ah another one of those ppl.

NY state.

If i could just turn it over to a lawyer n be done with it i would.

But im not spending any more time on it.
I blocked it n reported spam.
For now im done.


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" New York has no statutes that comprehensively address commercial email and spam .

New York | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute.

Doesn’t seem NY has any special rules. That was just the 1st google hit though. IANAL.