Need a little help paying estimated income tax

Has anyone paid their (Federal or state income) taxes online using one or another of these services?:

Chase Pay®
Apple Pay®
Android Pay™
Samsung Pay


Reason for question:

Chase Freedom Q1 reward of 5% (up to $1500) available to persons using the card to pay through any one of those services.

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At first I thought you were asking for donations :wink:

Don’t really know the answer to your question, but my advice would be to not mess around with these types of payments to the IRS or state taxing authorities. The less intermediaries the better. They make account payment mistakes for regular payments often enough that it’s not worth increasing that risk for $50.

Thanks, appreciate the reply.

And of course donations are always welcome! :grin:

You joke, but NY and CA are looking into allowing “charitable” donations to their state governments as an attempted end-run around the reduced SALT deductions for 2018 on. I think the Feds will just change the rules if they try that, but I guess we’ll see.

I really don’t think there’s anything to change - there’s very little reason to conclude that this would qualify as a charitable contribution under 170. I honestly don’t understand how CA thinks this would qualify, unless it’s just a political play.

I do think people need to be wary of the potential effects of this. It could cause a lot more problems than the state is currently considering.

Yeah you could end up with listed transaction treatment like those Georgia easement tax shelters.

It is a sad day when you guys inveigle me into posting off topic on MY OWN thread! :grin:

But you have been successful and I just GOTTA tell this story. This is a true story as God is my judge:

It had to be twenty years ago. My niece and her family were living in Southern California (they still do) and I was living (and still do) thousands of miles from there, in a FAR, FAR less wealthy setting.

I actually received, in the US Mail, a solicitation from my niece’s daughter’s school district to send them money!!! They were short money and were hitting up relatives of their students for contributions!!!

I was so surprised. If I had extra money to donate it would be to the school system local to where I live, not to some rich, free spending, spoiled, Californians with bloated budgets who are unable regardless to live within their means. The audacity of those people pinned the needle and was WAY off the charts. It still is. WABOA

And, no, I did not send them any money. It’ll be a frigid day in hell before I send money to CA . . . or to any other parts of Mexico for that matter.

Easiest way to max this out is purchase $500 Visa Gift Card at Rite Aid, which accepts Apple/Samsung Pay at check out, and use the cards to pay taxes. You can unload six cards a quarter this way (since Official Payments doesn’t work for any cards except for Walmart VGC, two of them will need to be WalMart VGC, except WM only accepts Chase Pay on their web site and WMPay at the stores). At $4.95 a gift card plus $2.00-$2.59 a card, this is actually cheaper than paying the IRS directly through the authorized sites (which cost 1.87%). That’s $3,000 in MS per quarter, plus $3,000 when you pay towards a 4868 extension, for up to $15,000 MS each year.


Fantastically helpful post. Thank you so much!!

If I have a $500 visa GC and the fees to pay the IRS is $2.00, how much can I actually pay? $498 ?