Need additional key for Lexus // cheapest option?

Bought a pre-owened Lexus a few years back and have managed to survive to date with only one key FOB.

Knowing that misplacing the single key would create a huge issue, I want to get essentially a back-up option and am looking for some feedback on the cheapest options (since it would be a back-up) vs. getting bent over by the dealer to get a second key FOB.


PS - glad to be here from the Fatwallet homeland.

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Local locksmiths are usually cheaper than the dealer for replacement keys and fobs. Some of them are mobile and can complete a job at your location.

It’s best to call to see if they can deal with your particular key fob. If the key needs to be programmed and the locksmith cannot program it, you can still have the locksmith make the key and the dealer program it for cheaper than the dealer doing it in total.

I bought a pre-owned Lexus with two key fobs. Seems like you got cheated.

Some locksmiths sell cloneable keys that wouldn’t need programming at the dealer. But that begs the question, if you bought a Lexus, why sweat the cost of a key?

This is a logical fallacy that I would expect people on this type of forum in particular wouldn’t be guilty of making. Attempting to save $80 on a new keyfob for your $30k Lexus is no different than attempting to save 20% on $400 cell phone purchase. Would you say the same thing to someone looking to save money buying an iPhone 6? $80 is $80 regardless of how you save it.

Spent less than $80 on my cellphone so wrong analogy.

I got into similar situation back last yr. bought used 2014 IS from the auction, car came with one key fob. Went to local lock smith, recommended by my car mechanic who made/cut the key fob for $150.
Also second key from the auction came almost at the same time so now I got three keys. In short, talk to local mechanic or someone who sell used cars.