Need help please: Citi Double Cash Plaid dilemma

Can anyone help?:

Is there a way to redeem my Thank You points, for cash, without going through Plaid?


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What is Plaid? I convert my TY pts to cash and request a check from Citi (minimum redemption amt is $5). No minimum for statement credit or direct deposit.

**edit to add, looked up Plaid. It’s not an issue for me because I convert/cash out my points on my desktop (no apps).


Plaid is a spooky Fintech that wants the login data for one of your accounts, the latter to be used to enable you to receive your Double Cash reward dough via their “service”.

Obviously I’m not gonna give any entity my login data, least of all some idiotic, unaccountable, Fintech. But Citi thinks trusting Plaid is just fine!

Ditto here. I eschew apps. Thank you for your assist. It has been a long time since I have cashed out at Citi. I need to seek out the paper check option you (very kindly) mentioned. Paper checks are just fine by me. I already use 'em to collect my Bank of America rewards.

Thanks again!

Never heard of Plaid being necessary to redeem TYP. I see an option for direct deposit into my Citi accounts and a non-Citi account I used to pay the CC in the past.

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OT but anyone switching this to Custom Cash? Pros?

I think I have a con. Not 100% why my account is the way it is now but my understanding is the double cash is what enables1:1 ThankYou points to cash. I have both so I get my 5 points for groceries, then redeem 1:1 for statement credit and I also have Rewards+ so I get an extra 10% at redemption which makes the Custom Cash an effective 5.5% cash back. Stacking the Citi cards ThankYou is the way I play, the more the merrier with every card seeming to add another special power.

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Agreed. That is straightforward if you have a Citi account (I do not).

That is what is missing for me, absent Plaid. I have gone that route in the past without drama. Maybe the passage of too much time has caused Citi to take away this option in my case. Hope it returns. It might.

@shinobi Is there some reason statement credit isn’t a viable option for you? other than potentially reducing your rewards to 1.98% instead of 2% ?

I do a lot of this stuff and never go the statement credit route. I’m much more a “show me the money” sort of person. :slightly_smiling_face: