Nest resale received email from some resale monitoring service

Bought Nest 3rd gen during black friday on sale then received another one as a gift.
so decided to sale it on amazon. today i received an email from some resale monitoring service about the serial number of the product and asked to respond in 5 days.
I remember seeing something like this from Netgear some time back on fatwallat.
Please advice what should i do here.
should i respond to serial no for that product i have in possession or just remove the listing.
there are so many listing on ebay for this item on lower price. not sure if they are going after all of them.

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I don’t have an answer for you, only a question – I’m guessing you’re trying to sell it for more than you paid on BF? Otherwise you could just return it…

yah. during black friday lot of stores had sale on this item. i can very well return the item to the store.

Do you have it listed as “New” condition? I don’t think you can change the condition once it’s already posted. You can remove and relist as “Like New” and in the description you can say something along the lines of “never opened. still sealed in original packaging”. This will help you avoid being flagged as an unauthorized reseller. You can do whatever you want as long as you don’t list it as “New” condition.


My suggestion: Just take down the post. It’s not worth the headache. I remember the Netgear thread very clearly and everyone was telling OP to tell the company to pound sand and stop getting bullied, but OP got pretty screwed IIRC. It’s just not worth the battle. Even if you do end up selling it, there’s a risk the buyer works at Megacorp or is just out to scam you. All for a few bucks…


right advice. i took down my listing from amazon and also responded to them accordingly as well.
its not worth the trouble. this is going back to the store.

Ignore their email, lower the price below the buy box and it will sell instantly.

I think many of these were for sale thru power companies where you agreed to use it in you home so selling would be a violation. You could just go to HD and copy a serial number maybe.