New catch-up rules delayed past 2024

I’m sure this has nothing to do with 2024 being an election year.

The IRS has apparently supplanted Congress when it comes to tax law. Of their own accord, they have delayed part of the retirement law passed last year by Congress. To be honest, I don’t know too many 50+ year old high earners who are continuing to contribute pre-tax dollars to their IRA/401Ks, but …

As part of a broader retirement law last year, Congress required that high earners make those catch-up contributions in posttax dollars. The change was designed in part to raise money within the 10-year budgetary window that Congress uses.

As if Inflationomics Bidenomics needed anything else to increase the deficit.


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Here’s another article on the same topic. You are right. It seems like a big change involving a lot of $$ to be done just by administrative fiat.

The change in the law, inflicted by December 2022’s SECURE 2.0 Act, stipulated that, starting in 2024, 401(k) participants making catch-up contributions by virtue of being age 50 or older must put those contributions in Roth accounts if their prior-year Social Security wages were more than $145,000. Friday’s announcementmeans people fitting that description can allocate catch-up contributions to pre-tax accounts for another two years.


Yikes, thanks for the info as this is the first I even heard about this new law. Just as we’re getting old enough to partake they change the rules on us.

Unfortunately, while, I am 50+, I don’t fall into the high earner bracket ($145k/individual), but I do hedge my bet by putting in both pre-tax 401k and after-tax to hit the $73.5k limit for my 401k.