New Members Introduce Yourselves!

Hi everyone!

Im SIS, and was affectionately given that nickname from my many years at the fatwallet finance forums , and before that I was at Anandtech hot deals forum.

My financial areas of interest are in real estate and collector vehicles .


Greetings all!

I’m Dave Hanson, IRL as well as on the interwebs. :wink: It’s great to be here with all of you…exciting to be starting something that has potential to be both accessible and valuable, like FatWallent Finance was for many of us.

Born and raised in eastern Washington, I’ve resided in Seattle since 2010. My primary financial interests are:

-Real estate, especially small, efficient apartment living and development
-Best sources of credit for personal and business use
-Travel hacking, getting “champagne experiences” on a beer budget–or beer trips on a soft drink budget. :slight_smile:
-Arranging personal finances to best play various key games: health care insurance, retirement planing, higher ed funding.


Hi all, I’m your friendly neighborhood admin. I’m also a user of the site. I’ll give some more personal detail about myself under that account.


As far as anyone is concerned I’m scripta, because I don’t want to be sued by the next scammer SIS uncovers :wink:. Thanks for the early invite!


Hi all! I was Cashman over at FWF - now known as Danman. Was on FWF since 2001 and Anandtech before that. Looking forward to contributing to this forum.


Made it over.

FW since 2003, came for the Hot Deals, stayed for FWF.

15 years in IT. Personal Finance is my hobby.

Hopefully this will take off.


Known in FWF as Gambit3

Member since 2002.
Have about 2 dozen FW shirts my wife would love me to get rid of.

Not gonna happen.


The way we’ll make it take off is by spreading the word. Thanks for joining up everybody.

Between SIS, DaveHanson, and Venturion we’ve managed to net some of the FWF rockstars!


imbatman. Was active at anandtech 2000-2002. Created a FW account to post about a guy at my school who sold an item on ebay - the item was that he would call you and scream like a monkey. took a 9 year hiatus after spending too much of my grad school stipend on DVD drives/players from circuit city. Created this ID in 2011. Primarily interested in Finance.
Also have a couple of collector vehicles, but with kids, they currently collect dust.


Hi everybody, I was Aurianne on FW (since 2000), so I’ll keep the same handle here too. I am very grateful to Dave, SIS and the others who put the time & effort into creating this new community and will do my best to spread the word and invite others to come as well.

SIS you have been sorely missed at FW for a long, long, time, so it’s wonderful to know you’re alive, well, and going to be around here!

I was an army nurse medically retired after being injured in Desert Storm, so I taught myself how to code and built several successful medical education sites that got acquired by a big player in the space in 2010. My primary focus since then has been in angel list investments, private placements, and buying and managing my own rental properties for passive income streams.

I always love a good hot deal too - especially for free bags of dog food since I have four beasties here! Anyhow, I’m glad to be here, and thanks again for making this space for us all. :relaxed:


Hey everybody, I’m ThisGuy. Not super active over at FW, more of a lurker. Love travel hacking and miles-and-points. There’s something magical about getting a flight or hotel for pennies on the dollar, and it’s addicting.

Happy to see so many familiar names from FWF. This place is going to be great!


sphinx2000 on FWF, lets see how this plays out… Member since 2002, though mostly a lurker.


Toadcat from over on FW since 2007. Found the hot deals and cashback at first then found all the great deals that could be had in FWF and have stuck since. Thanks!


I guess this is the great FWF replacement race. I’m here, for now.

Lurked on FWF for years before creating an account, so unfortunately my official start date is sometime in 2012. However, I was a fly on the wall much earlier than that.


BigTR from FWF since 2006. I have a tax and finance background and am glad something new has been started.


BostonOne checking in. FWF member for a while. Finance/investing have been hobbies of mine since I can remember.


Hairybeast here. Joined FWF in 2013 after all of the good times but have learned a lot and hope to keep learning more.


ceobeaver here. FW member since 2004. Mostly finance forum, but wasted a bunch of money on hot deals as well.

See some familiar names, hopefully we can keep it going. I didn’t post every day at FW, but I definitely came by at least that often.

Cheers to all the OGs trying to keep the magic alive.


Hello old friends. I joined FWF in 2007 and made my claim to fame with my tale of my flooded rental house in the hood ‘dis house stank’.

I had a total financial and business collapse when I was very young but have bounced back to be pretty successful. I also, finally, have good credit again so I am looking forward to taking advantage of credit card deals (and more) once again.