Time to buy? And the best way to dip toes in?

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Fidelity offers three-year AA Munis yielding, 5.35%.

If you live in a high tax state like my California with a state tax rate of 9.3% and a federal of 30% and do not itemize deductions, that’s about an 8.9% equivalent taxable yield.


Don’t itemize, but AZ is only a 2.5% flat tax for now, thx Ducey!

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That is still about an 8.5% equivalent taxable yield for AZ. Not bad for a 3 year bond.

Get out and vote for your Republican legislators. They are the only people keeping your crazed guv Hobbs in check.


And here I thought high income / high net worth individuals were leaving New York in droves and no-income illegal immigrants are flooding being bussed in, and all of that will devastate the state’s coffers. Wouldn’t buying these be risky? Of course it would be, that’s why the yield is so high.


I checked both Fidelity and Schwab and found that California state general obligation municipal bonds were only paying about 3.2%.

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And I remember when “bussing” was acclaimed by Democrats … as highly as the Second Coming for Christians. :slight_smile: