NFCU: How to Fake Direct Deposit?

NFCU has special promo CD rates if you have direct deposit set up. Can I fake it with an ACH push of $X per month? If so, how much is $X?

Also, does anyone have experience getting the promo rate back once it’s lost? I signed up for CD, got the promo rate with the caveat that it would drop back to market rate if I didn’t set up direct deposit within 3 months or so. I didn’t, and it reset down to market rate. I wonder if I can start forcing/faking direct deposit, will it automatically retrigger to the bonus CD rate, or if I call can they manually do it, or is it just gone forever?

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This would be a direct deposit into the required accompanying checking account, correct ? I assume you already had or indeed did setup the NFCU checking account.

They say the DD must be “Net Pay” or “payroll allotment”. Net Pay is no good, as that’s a third-party DD service. An allotment is a portion of ones pay that a person in the military authorizes to be paid to someone else or an institution, so it wouldn’t need to represent an entire paycheck, just the part someone would be setting aside.

It really doesn’t matter what $X is, if it’s being deposited into the checking account, as you can take it back out. Although I would mix things up a bit, not deposit $100/month and withdraw $100/month.

As to resetting the rate, how long before the end of the 90 day period ? If it’s recent, you can send an ACH, after it posts call Navy and say you were distracted by a family emergency, you’ve now setup the DD, can the rate be reset?

If someone sez that’s not a DD, but an ACH, just try saying I asked that a monthly DD be setup, and that’s what they said they did. Also, they may be expecting the DD to originate from the military, but you can say you already have that check DD to your bank, so you just asked the bank to setup a DD to NFCU.

Worth a shot.

I think FWF had a thread about what banks consider a DD. Examples were push from Alliant, Paypal, etc. I’m not sure where the archive of that site is sitting now, but maybe see if you can find it. You may also be able to find something at some of the other blogs (not sure whether we’re allowed to list them here, but you can just google “bank bonuses” and site-search those sites on google). NFCU should be in most lists.

Doctor of Credit collects data points about what counts for various institutions.


True, but they don’t have any data points for NFCU.

I called NFCU and they said if I had a direct deposit scheduled (no amount specified, but make it at least $100 they said), and then called them, they would re-activate my bonus rate.

I have a legit direct deposit now and it doesn’t really matter where it goes, so I just split it so 10% goes to NFCU. I won’t have a legit direct deposit forever, so I’ll also set up an Alliant $100 monthly push set up on a schedule and hope that works.