Nice filler item

This is not a “hot” deal per se but it nevertheless might prove useful for shoppers, as it did for me when I was seventeen cents away from the $35 and needed a filler:

Soupy filler problem solver

And the folks at are actually gonna ship this to me!

Now would I risk really eating this soup?

Uh, the jury is still out on that one. But it is a wonderful filler.

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There were some fairly good portal rebate offers for signing up for Walmart plus. 50%+ off. I don’t know if they’re still around. Dr. of credit wrote about them


That is an excellent filler. :laughing:

The noodles are fine – the questionable stuff is in the flavor packet, I think.


We don’t have the creamy kind, but we buy these by the 12–pack. And by the 36-pack if I happen to remember while at Sam’s club.

The issues I’m now having with orders is that I’ll add that filler item to get free shipping. Then they same-day deliver my order out of the local store - but only the filler item I didn’t really want in the first place, while the rest is shipped FedEx. I would’ve gladly saved them the expense of a local delivery, either by tossing the item in the FedEx box with everything else, or not ordering it at all.



Ordered last week, my “filler item” arrived today. There is never a dull moment in this life:

Remember, I paid 22¢ for a single packet of soup. It was supposed to be a filler item only.

But went all out. They instead shipped me 24 packets of soup in a large, shrink-wrapped cardboard tray. I wondered why the box was so large . . . until I opened it.

So now the plan is to try to use up at least the “noodles” part of the soup by covering the cooked noodles with my own delicious homemade sauce . . . . which contains no salt. The “flavor packets”, in essence salt mine effluent, likely will be tossed.


I like the flavor packets - on the drained noodles, not as a “soup”. But I make them all the time for the kids without using the packets, maybe a little teriyaki sauce. Often will chunk up some boneless chicken breast and stir it in after the noodles are cooked and drained.

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Sounds it was also a hot deal after all, eh?


Sitting on a cartload of noodles this large I had to take action:

Boiled up a bunch of the noodles and, after draining, added 'em to some of my homemade celery soup. Put a little too much pepper into that batch of soup. The noodles added body to the soup, bulking it up a bit, and they diluted the extra pepper somewhat which was good. At the bottom line it all came out OK.

I guess those many servings of noodles will, after all, be used up in the fullness of time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Use the noodles in stir fry. I make a stir fry sometimes with leftover tritip roast. Adding all the usual green veggies and beef at end I use ramen noodles.

Would be nice treat with noodles.